Diva’s Favorite WonderCon Moments Over the Years

Written by C.Diva

WonderCon 2018 starts today, March 23, and goes all weekend and I am feeling nostalgic. Here are my top 3 moments from various WonderCon conventions over the years. Enjoy!

Captain America Cosplay

I had a lot of fun creating this look back for WonderCon 2014. I documented the process here and still have most of the pieces that I still wear, on occasion. My favorite part of this was feeling feminine and fierce all at the same time. Also, around this time was when I began experimenting with my hair more, and I twisted it up for the first time and did a couple of Victory rolls with my hair that I had never done before. I am not a big fan of the attention that a group cosplay receives, so it’s been ages since I actually participated in cosplay at a convention, but this was one of the best.

Podcasting with Jeremy

Back in 2015, my good friend Jeremy and I attended WonderCon together, along with the Canadian. This was the year that the Collectress and Spaniard were in London, and I was feeling a bit lost in my fandom life alone. Jeremy was my roll dog through much of that year, and we went to WonderCon together to represent The Collective as press for the first time. We did a lot of podcasting that year, but this was the first and probably my favorite. It’s an hour long, but we had a blast making it and if you haven’t listened, it’s a lot of fun listening to what we thought was cool waaaaay back in 2015.

Tim Rozon and Me

Look, I can’t help it if Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holiday on the hit series Wynonna Earp, well, loves me, obviously. We’ve met two years in a row, back in 2016 when I interviewed the cast and crew and in 2017 for an autograph signing, when he remembered me and my big hair and gave me one of the cutest selfies ever. I am hoping that I’ll get to see my favorite mustached boy this weekend and get another pic for the history books.