Thespian Thursday: “The Cutting Edge” (1992)

Written by C.Diva

It’s funny how I never realized my two favorite films as a kid were both related to hockey, two decades before I ever even cared about the actual sport. The first is, of course, Mighty Ducks, and the second, and way more romantic option is The Cutting Edge, starring Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney.

This is a movie I must have watched twenty times when I was a teenager. I had the biggest crush on both Moira Kelley and D.B. Sweeney, if I’m being honest. Most recently, I queued up this film on Epix Drive-In, the Sling TV on-demand service, this past Saturday night with my husband snoring in the bed next to me and reveled in the cheesy, familiar rom-com pattern of this truly epic 90s film. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you, but the plot is fairly simple. Rough and tumble, man-about-town, ex-hockey player meets bratty, self-absorbed ice skater and they work together to somehow become a kick-ass Olympic contenting pair skating team. There’s a lot of handwaving about time, practice and the difference between ice skating and hockey skating but, hey, I don’t care, these two are adorable together, amirite?

Even the tag line is perfect.

Every time I think I’m over ridiculous 90s romantic comedy of error type movies and have instead graduated to intense filmographies and complicated plot points, I throw this movie on to remind myself that I’m not too good to fall for a silly, predictable love story that involves hockey.

There is a part two, but please, for the love of all things icy, don’t bother.