Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “Principia”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer
By The Nerdling

S.H.I.E.L.D. goes looking for more gravitonium.  An old face joins Hale’s team.  Deke makes a big connection to his past.

Spoilers for the Future

McGuffin Hunt

Deke’s belt buckle works only a band aid for the Space-Time rip.  The Fear Dimension continues to leak into the Lighthouse as Deke comes face-to-face with his mother, who warns him not to get to close to anyone, then she is killed by a Kree warrior.  To cover the outflow, more gravitonium is required.

The need of more gravitonium lines up with Mack’s interest in the Deathlok program to build Yo-Yo new arms.  Both were controlled by Cybertech.  Daisy looks into a scientist named Murray Jacobson who worked for the HYDRA based company before disappearing.  But Jacobson is actually Tony “Candyman” Kane, a former classmate and friend of Mack’s (or “Mack Hammer” based on his love of MC Hammer).  He, like many others, didn’t realize who Cybertech was before it was too late.

Jake Busey AoS
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According to Kane, the Deathlok program went bust when Cybertech did, but he does put S.H.I.E.L.D. in touch with a scientist a part of the “incentives program” who worked with gravitonium.  The former HYDRA hostage reveals a ship, Principia, carrying the volatile element disappeared in the ocean during a massive storm.  Fitz searches the seas but comes up empty.  Deke, who grew up with gravitonium in a space environment, realizes the element must have been charged during a lightning strike.

Coulson, Daisy, and Mack use the Zephyr and find the Principia hiding in the clouds.  Once onboard, the three find all but one small piece of the element had been removed from the ship.  When the last bit of gravitonium is boxed up, they only have 90 seconds before the ship falls out of the sky.  As they make their way back to the Zephyr, the group is attacked by Hale’s LMDs.  It’s Hammer Time for Mack as he takes out the robot goons and brings a couple back to the Lighthouse to build new arms for Yo-Yo.

Kane promises to keep looking into the Deathlok program for Daisy and May.  The two are hoping to use the same tech to keep Coulson alive despite his wishes to not become the next Garrett.

As if Deke isn’t overwhelmed enough with the wonders of current Earth as it is, he finds a startling connection to his family at the Lighthouse.  After Deke’s encounter with his mother, he realizes Jemma is his grandmother, making Fitz his grandfather, when she recites a piece of wisdom his mother was always fond of quoting.

Deke finds out who his family is
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“I remember everything”

Another blast from the S.H.I.E.L.D. past returns in the form of Alex/Werner Von Strucker, the son of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.  The poor kid was put into a coma by Ward and his goons, then his brain was put through the memory machine and zapped by Lincoln on the orders of Coulson to gain HYDRA information.  The after-effects have left the poor kid with perfect memory and high observation skills which he uses to freak out his therapist.  General Hale steps in to keep Alex from being placed in a requested Thorazine induced stupor and brings him back to her bunker.

Hale and Von Strucker Sr. were old pals despite her dislike of the HYDRA “boys’ club”.  Hoping for some info on his late father’s activities, Hale has Ruby get to work on seducing the young Alex to their side.  Ruby instead confesses her mother’s plan to Alex, then proposes one of her own.  Play nice with the General for now, then the two of them form their own team and take over.  Alex agrees and is reintroduced to Carl Creel.


Ruby wants to join the Secret Warriors, right?  She is obsessed with Daisy and I think that is why she is looking to double cross Hale.  Or that is my running theory on Ruby at the moment.  The girl is just too difficult to read.

Alex and Ruby
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Other than Deke’s revelation we learned last week, not a whole lot happened in this episode.  Lots of set up for future complications.

I’m really loving this version of Deke.  His Star-Lord wannabe persona in the future was such an overused archetype, seeing him now as a new-born like character has been really fun.

I’m a big fan of Jake Busey and was very happy to see him as a guest star, but it felt like a he was just there to point S.H.I.E.L.D. in a needed direction.  I’m hoping we get to see Kane once again, if only to get more Mack Hammer anecdotes.

Coulson’s “can’t touch this” was great, but Mack’s “hammer time” was just glorious!  I don’t know if this was a joke the writers have wanted to do for a long time or if it was spurred by a real thing from Henry Simmons.  Either way, it just adds to my love of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mack HammerCan't Touch thisNot the time

Next week, more Fear Dimension shenanigans as Ivanov returns and Fitz comes face to face with Framework Fitz!

Till Then!

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