I’m Stressed. Here are some cute videos

Internally Screaming

By The Nerdling

It never fails.  When a big event is happening in my life, many disasters like to accompany it.  I’m not going to bore you with my woe-is-me tale, mostly because I’m pretty sure I would start slamming my head against my desk if I have to recount the whole thing.  Instead I’m going to show you some cute videos from the Aww-Subreddit to brighten your day as it usually brightens mine.

The Aww-Subreddit is mostly filled with adorable puppies, like this one who is so excited to be fed:


Or this sweet little puppers who didn’t know what to do after being given his first life jacket:


This good girl playing in the snow and finding her stick:


And this sweet puppy love:


Sometimes a cat video sneaks in there such as this one just discovering what a Newton’s Cradle does:


And this tiny little thing just noming down in a bowl bigger than it:


Also, this sweet little ball of fluff fighting to keep its favorite toy:


Ahhh… do you feel better?  I feel better.

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