Fanfic Wednesday: “Two Solitudes”


written by  C.Diva

 “Two Solitudes” by emungere (AO3)

Pairings: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Word Count: 54,490

Warnings: Explicit

***spoilers for the end of the Hannibal television series***

Author’s Summary

After the fall, Will drags Hannibal out of the Atlantic and they find their way north to a remote part of Labrador, where they try to make a life together.

My Thoughts

Well, I’ve got a dang Canadian Shack trope addiction, and I don’t care who knows it! After I finished the Ladders fic by emungere a few weeks ago, I started this one because the writer is amazing and I just really love this pairing. This particular story takes place immediately after the final episode of the show and takes the story in an entirely new direction that I really didn’t see coming, mainly, a Canadian shack in the dead of winter. This is a slow burn with a pretty great resolution to the drama that definitely would have come up after that fall in season 3. I love how the writer takes these two characters and exposes their weaknesses and flaws not only to each other but to the reader as well, and then allows them to learn and grow together. Yes, they’re murdering cannibals or whatever, but I still love them so, so much.