John Cena Can Make Any Bad Day Better

It’s been a long, long, long 2018 for me so far, and one of the ways that doesn’t involve alcohol that I cheer myself up after a 15-hour workday is YouTube bingeing, and I recently discovered that John Cena is an adorable (and muscular) cinnamon roll and his personality on late night talk shows is dazzling.

And I’m not just talking about his appearance with Jimmy Fallon as a teeny bopper, but now that I mention it, here is John Cena on a segment of “Ew!” with Fallon.

If that doesn’t quite tickle your funny bone, you probably have no sense of humor here’s a clip of Cena in the 2015 film Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. His turn as a very intimidating drug dealer was one of my favorite sequences in the movie, and damn does he and Fey have chemistry. *fans self*

And finally the last stop on our short tour on Cena-ville is John Cena in a dapper grey suit, answering the internet’s most searched questions about him. It’s hard not to smile when faced with such adorable enthusiasm. So, you’re welcome.

So that concludes today’s tour of YouTube. Got any John Cena videos you’d like to share with me? Find me on Twitter.