Cosplay Corner: An Interview with Lioness Cosplay at LBCE 2018

Long Beach Comic Expo
Long Beach Comic Expo

This is our first installment of Cosplay Corner! Essentially, the point of this series will be to find a cosplayer and chat with them in a slightly-less-crowded corner of a convention. For our first episode, we caught up with LionessCosplay, AKA Amber, at Long Beach Comic Expo in February 2018. Amber is best known for her Scarlet Witch and HitGirl cosplays, and the Collected Mutineer and I have been following her for quite some time  on Instagram. Not only a cosplayer, she also writes, directs, and acts in short films. Check out our interview with this talented lady!

This video was filmed and edited by The Collected Mutineer. 

Check out Amber’s work at the following places:

Instagram, Twitter, WebsiteYoutube