5 Reasons to Watch the CW’s “Black Lightning”

Written by C.Diva

The CW’s new superhero television show is definitely lit and you definitely should check it out. Here’s why.

1) The Music is Banging

Soul, Hip-Hop, Rap and Jazz permeate the soundtrack for this new CW show. From the classic piece by activist-poet Gil Scott Heron to the powerful lyrics of Shredtvt, the music of Black Lighting is a character unto itself.

2) A Peek into the Black Community

Whether it be through neighborhood ties, church, family or skin color, being black is all about community. One thing I love about this show is that it showcases all of the above, even the not-so-great moments that make up the black community.

3) It Highlights Modern Black Issues

While the black community is filled with grace and wonder, it also has many modern issues that stem from over 200 years of systematic oppression. Divorce, sex trafficking, police corruption, gang violence and Black Lives Matter are all topics touched on in the first 2 episodes. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.


4) There’s a Queer Lead Character, Y’all

I squeed so hard when they revealed that Black Lightning’s daughter is an out and proud lesbian! This is an opportunity for young, gay black women to see themselves on television and it’s incredible.

5) Speaking of Strong Black Women…

The Pierce family is full of powerful, strong black women. They support each other, they are intelligent and active in their community and learn from their mistakes. OH, and the big bad is fricken Jill Scott. I love, love, love these ladies.

Watch Black Lighting on the CW, Tuesdays at 9pm.


      1. T. Mack

        Agreed! I’ve already got my tickets and I’m SO PUMPED. Black Panther is going to be an amazing film and an incredible chance to showcase black magic!

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