Fanfic Wednesday: “I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time!

fanfic wednesday

By The Nerdling

I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time! by vercna

Paring: James Potter and Lily Evans

Words: 6,459

Warnings: None


“-Lily!” He yelled, tugging her closer, damp hair falling into his eyes. “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Lily almost died right here and there.

Not of shock.

Mainly because she was so stunned, she barely managed to dodge a flash of green rushing towards her until Sirius pushed her out of the way.

“-I DON’T THINK NOW IS THE BEST TIME!” She yelled in disbelief, barely avoiding a flaring red light.

My Thoughts

James and Lily have their first date in months, an anniversary date at that, so of course the Death Eaters had to make an appearance.  In the heat of battle is when James chooses to propose.  This is exactly how I pictured James and Lily in their time before Harry.  James overconfident and impulsive.  Lily strong and an epic badass.  Throughout the whole story, I teetered between on-the-edge-of-my-seat anxiety and stomach-ache-induced laughter.

I have found myself really falling in love with Marauders’ Era fanfic.  Especially anything having to do with the budding Jily (James & Lily) relationship.  Also, how did I not know of the existence of WolfStar (Remus and Sirius)?!?  LOVING IT!  Expect more Jily and Wolfstar from me in the future.