7 TV shows I’m desperate to see more of

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by The Collected Mutineer

That gif of Spongebob is an accurate representation of my life. I don’t really have time for it, but I somehow keep up with and/or binge tons of telly. Not sure how, but my life is all wibbly-wobbly so *shrug*. That being said, here are seven of my top shows that I need to see more of, like, yesterday.

1.) The 100

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Not only was the release date of season 5 pushed to April, but we also haven’t gotten hold of the trailer yet. Which is making for some pretty frantic fans, myself included. If you’re not sure why we’re so desperate, you can read about The 100’s insane cliffhanger here.

2.) The OA

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If you read our Netflix and Chill posts, then you’re probably familiar with The OA. This weird and trippy, but utterly addicting, show was renewed for season 2, but we don’t have a release date yet. If you liked Stranger Things, you’ve got to give this one a try.

3.) Claws

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The Collectress has also written about Claws, another show that I am desperate to binge again. In a world that seems desperate to get a leg up on “strong female characters,” this TNT experience gives us five very different badass women. They’re vulnerable and flawed and REAL, and also the nail art is like totally legit, okay? Season two is coming soon! But not soon enough.

4.) The Last Man on Earth

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This dystopic comedy is on hiatus until March 11, but seriously, did you see that last episode? THERE ARE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW. Like where is Jasper hiding? Is Fred Armisen gonna eat everyone? WHAT ABOUT THE BOMB?

5.) The Good Place

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Season 2 of The Good Place just wrapped up a few days ago, and I’m already itching for a third season. I honestly can’t say much because that last episode is sooo full of spoilers but WOW. Do you guys watch this? If you do, please message me because I have to talk theories. What will the twist for the next season be??

6.) Wayward Sisters

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This backdoor pilot to the Supernatural spin-off was utterly amazing. The show itself has not been officially announced as of yet, but trust me when I say that this is the show we absolutely deserve. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for?? Go and be wayward AF, my friends.

7.) Sherlock

There are no definite plans for the fifth series of BBC’s Sherlock, but that doesn’t stop me from needing more of our Baker Street Boys. Why do I need more? Not just because it’s my favorite TV show or because I adore Benny and Martin. I need more Sherlock because I was completely disappointed by the fourth series. I need this show to redeem itself, and I need it desperately. All the actors, as well as Gatiss and Moffit, have expressed that they are interested in returning, but that it all depends on timing, inspiration, and more timing. Do you think we’ll ever get another series? Let me know in the comments below.


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