The Black Panther World Premiere Reveals Black Royalty

PC: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney
Written by C.Diva

This week, the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther strolled down the purple carpet in Los Angeles, California at the world premiere of the upcoming film, with a star-studded display of Black royalty showcasing a very distinct Wakandian style.

We here at the Collective are EXCITED about Black Panther with a shared hope that this film will not only break cinematic barriers in the film industry but also inspire young Black audiences as we begin to see more representation and diversity on the silver screen. With the impressive turn out at the World Premiere, I have high hopes that this film (along with movies like A Wrinkle in Time, Proud Mary and TV shows like Black Lightning) will help usher in a new era of the Black hero figure, depictions that are sorely needed in a time when we are shown the images of Black men in handcuffs or murdered on the street on our television so very often. Stay tuned for my review (I had to finagle for it, but I am SUPER READY to watch this movie and write about it) coming after the February 16 release date. Until then, enjoy the Dora Milaje featurette below.


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