Ten movies for a Geek Girl marathon this weekend

Image Courtesy of Neon
Ingrid Goes West
Image Courtesy of Neon
By The Nerdling

Have no interest in the Super Bowl this weekend?  Me neither!  Why waste time watching football when the good stuff like the commercials, movie trailers (including the new one for Infinity War!), and Justin Timberlake’s Half-Time performance when it will be available online for our viewing pleasure immediately after they air?

These ten movies are perfect for spending the afternoon and evening vegging out and ignoring sports and have been picked specifically because they are available on either Netflix or Hulu.

The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix)

A lighthearted rom-com starring the former Daily Show reporter, Jessica Williams, as a 20-something budding playwright dealing with a bad breakup.  Jessica (Williams) develops a friendship with Boone (Chris O’Dowd), a divorcé who is not so sure he is ready to start dating again.  The two lean on one another to move on from their expired relationships, feelings develop.  One of those rare recent movies about the younger generation not steeped in cynicism will make you feel pretty good after viewing.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Hulu)

Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison), a city teen, is sent to live in the middle of nowhere with his new foster parents.  Strange events happen and Ricky along with his grumpy foster father, Hec (Sam Neill), are being chased through the woods by a SWAT like team and a social worker, Paula (Rachel House).  Bonds are formed and much hilarity ensues in the quirky comedy from Taika Waititi.  If you have seen Thor: Ragnarok and loved it, the you really need to see this film.

Creed (Hulu)

Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), the son of the famous Apollo Creed, trains with his father’s best friend and former opponent, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) for a chance at a boxing title.  One of the best sports movies to come out in a long time is perfect for the Black Panther anticipation that is in overdrive for me.

After the Ball (Netflix)

In this mashup of Cinderella and Twelfth Night, Kate Kassell (Portia Doubleday) goes to work for her father (Chris Noth) at a fashion design company only to be fired by her manipulative step-mother (Lauren Holly).  To save the company from a hostile takeover, Kate must disguise herself as Nate and design the next biggest fall line.  This uber-cheesy rom-com pulls from every trope in the genre.  And yet, it manages to be just charming enough to keep you engaged.  A hottie Canadian with a French accent as the love interest helps.

Frank (Hulu)

Michael Fassbender stars as the charismatic Frank, the leader of an avant-garde band who wears an oversized, plaster head at all times.  Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) is an aspiring musician who joins the group for an extended recording session out in the middle of nowhere.  Jon films their odd brand of music making and posts the videos to YouTube where they catch the attention of thousands.

Sing Street (Netflix)

Lots of nostalgia in this charming take of a boy looking to impress a girl.  It was a toss up between this movie and The Commitments for this list.  Both films are about a group of down on their luck Irishmen (though these kids are much younger and less foul mouthed) starting a band, filled with great music and a talented cast.  But Sing Street has some great 80’s pop which I have been obsessing over lately.

Ingrid Goes West (Hulu)

This dark comedy takes on Instagram celebs and the those on the outside trying to get in.  Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) is dealing with the recent death of her mother and subsequent breakdown.  To escape her life, she moves to Venice Beach to befriend at all cost her newest social media obsession, Instagram influencer Taylor Sloan (Elizabeth Olsen).

Stardust (Netflix)

Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) ventures into the magical kingdom of Stronghold which borders his small town to find a fallen star (Claire Danes) as a prize for the affections of the town beauty.  Along the way he meets sky pirates, witches, and a group of brothers in the in a fight to the death for the throne of Stronghold.  An epic and exciting adventure based on the book by Neil Gaiman.

The Crow (Hulu)

When he and his fiancé are murdered the night before their wedding, mysterious forces bring Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) back to life to take revenge.  Every kid who grew up in the 90’s and fell into the goth crowd (like me) knows and loves this movie.  While it might be a bit too dark and moody for a movie marathon, I always want to watch it around this time of year when all the Valentine’s Day decorations are out.  “Real love is forever” as the movie says.

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train (Netflix)

Two teenaged sisters (Ashleigh Murray & Rachel Crow) plan to rob a train in order to stay afloat and keep from landing in Child Protective Services when their mother goes to prison.  It sounds much darker than it really is.  This diverting heist flick uses a light hand when dealing with middle-America poverty, but makes up for it in sisterly celebration.

Any geek girl movies you plan on adding to the list?  Let me know in the comments section.  Happy watching!

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