Fanfic Wednesday: “They all run together and never make sense”


written by the Collectress

“They all run together and never make sense” by stegrits

Pairing: Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor
Word Count: 9634
Warnings: none



They should have died. Instead, the crew of Rogue One find themselves in the med-bay on Yavin 4. The Alliance has left its heroes to recover as it makes its next moves. And while it’s going to take time for their wounds — mental and physical — to heal, when have any of them ever just gone along with the plan?

My Thoughts

I made the horrible mistake of watching all the Star Wars films again over the holidays, and I completely forgot how emotionally devastated Rogue One would make me. I cried more than I should admit to, and immediately went on the search for fix-it fanfics.

I found several, of course, and I found my favorite, and it’s even better because it includes my favorite trope: soulmates. I will read this everytime I rewatch Rogue One because it’s like a band-aid over the bleeding torrent of my feels.

Read this if you ship Jyn/Cassian and need a RO fix-it.