First trailer for Ant-Man & The Wasp!

by The Collected Mutineer

Hold your (miniature-sized) horses! The trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp finally dropped today, and I’ll admit I’ve been so busy that I just barely watched it myself. From the looks of things, our ant-sized hero is on the run, this time joined by the Wasp. They’re facing the consequences of Scott’s actions with Captain America in Civil War, but honestly, do we really need an excuse to see Evangeline kick serious ass in an even cooler suit than Scott’s?? Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below.

If it’s anything like the first film, this sequel will be full of laughs, suspense, and more laughs. Marvel always knows when not to take itself too seriously, and the Ant-Man storyline is proof that a superhero comedy can be wildly enjoyable, even if it’s not set in outer space.

Ant-Man and the Wasp premiers on July 6, 2018.


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