The Collectress Picks 5: Under-appreciated Films

There are a lot of good films out there, so many, in fact, that sometimes some of the best ones get overlooked. Sometimes these star big names and are produced by big studios, but for whatever reason, didn’t get the full weight of the big studio juggernaut marketing. Don’t worry; I’m here to give voice to the indie films and the lesser known films that you’ve probably seen on Netflix but never knew enough about to click “play.”

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But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

This indie dramedy was released in 1999–right around the same time another cheerleader-led film became popular–but Megan (Natasha Lyonne) isn’t like other girls at her high school. She’s sent to a conversion-therapy rehab clinic, that looks and feels a bit like The Stepford Wives, to make her “normal” and cure her lesbianism.  While she’s there, she meets Graham (Clea DuVall) and sparks fly.

Lagaan (2001)

love Bollywood films, and I especially love historically-set films from India. Now, Bollywood films tend to run long, but if you’re going to sit through a 3-hour film, make it this one. It’s set during the time of the British governing of India, and it’s all about the underdog rising up to save the town. And it’s a sports film. And it’s a love story.

Also…is Aamir Khan actually Timothy Omundson? Hmmmm.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

There’s only a few films that really creep me out, and Perfume is one of them. It follows the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw). Baptiste is what the French would call le nez: he has an extremely acute olfactory sense which is something quite rare and allows Baptiste to become one of the world’s best perfumers. He’s also a serial killer in search of capturing the essence of a woman. So there’s that.

Willow (1988)

Willow is the fantasy epic adventure film that fulfilled my childhood longing to be caught up on a quest and save the world. The main character, Willow (Warwick Davis), has to save a baby princess from an evil sorceress, and along the way he teams up with scoundrel Madmartigan (Val Kilmer). This film was directed by Ron Howard and produced by George Lucas, but now it’s more of a cult favorite than anything else.

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

This Disney film really doesn’t get the love it should. It’s by far the funniest and most quotable of the Disney films, in my opinion, and in a sea of princess movies it is a welcome story about friendship and compassion. Also, did I mention it’s funny?

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