And the nominees are…

Oscar season is officially here! The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards were announced this morning, and as always, there are a few surprises (Rachel Morrison and Jordan Peele, anyone??) and a few snubs (sadly, Wonder Woman was not nominated for ONE DAMN THING). For the full list, you can visit Variety.  As we have for the last few years, the Collective crew will be reviewing the nominees for Best Picture in the coming weeks.

Despite the obvious snubs, there are some elements of hopefulness in many of the nominations. The awards have faced a backlash in the last few years for not reflecting the much-needed diversity of race and gender. And on some fronts, it would appear that the Academy is trying to fix that. For example, the afore-mentioned Morrison is the first woman to be nominated for cinematography while Peele is only the fifth black director to be nominated for an Oscar. Similarly, viewers are often frustrated with the lack of genre variety among Best Picture winners. It often feels as though films that fall within the fantasy or adventure categories are ignored in favor of artsy, introspective movies or lavish historical dramas. This year’s The Shape of Water is challenging that, much in the way that The Return of the King did 15 years ago.

Who do you think the winners will be? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Twitter @nerdwrldprblms.


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