Fanfic Wednesday: “The 2017 Johnlock Advent”


written by the Collected Mutineer

The 2017 Johnlock Advent” by 

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Word Count: 43,456
Warnings: holiday adorableness. don’t read if you’re a scrooge


Cross-posting The 2017 Johnlock Advent art/fic collaboration I’m doing with chained-to-the-mirror and honeybeelullaby.

My Thoughts

I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but this adorable advent* fic kept me going through the month of December. Each chapter is one day in December, during which John and Sherlock’s friendship is reestablished and a romance is finally kindled. It’s like one of those cheesy holiday movies from Hallmark, but starring our Baker Street Boys. I literally spent most of the chapters yelling at them to JUST KISS, and my hopes were not disappointed. Each installment also comes with adorable artwork, so this isn’t an experience you want to miss. Read it now, or bookmark it for next December!

*all the days leading up to the event of Christmas