Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “Together or Not at All”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer
By The Nerdling

After last week’s blood bath of secondary characters, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are on the run from Sinara and the rest of the Kree.

Once More Unto The Spoilers


Before the whole gang can be reunited, they must stay one step ahead of the Blues.  Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy running from the commotion from the arena.  Coulson, Yo-Yo, Mack, and Flint are hiding from the Kree who are looking for Flint.  Kasius’s brother, Faulnak, dispatches his ultimate warrior, Maston-Dar, to hunt down the Destroyer of Worlds.

Daisy and Fitzsimmons make their way to the junkyard where Daisy last saw the other agents.  Fitz removes Jemma’s hearing dampener from her ear before the group hop on an elevator and scale the cables after Maston-Dar deactivates the lift.  Exiting the vents, Daisy and Fitzsimmons run into Deke.  He managed to break out of his room and is offering help to the others.  Daisy allows him to tag along despite not trusting the pseudo-Star-Lord.

Flint and Mack
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At the junkyard, Coulson, Yo-Yo, and Mack are force to break the sad news of Tess’s death to Flint.  The young man blames himself, but Mack offers the best advice he has.  To use his powers to protect anyone as best as he can.  Flint is doubtful he has those abilities, but Mack’s words to spark something inside of him.


Daisy, Fitzsimmons, and Deke arrive at the junkyard.  Shortly after the hugs and pouting over being locked in their room, the group notices Flint is missing.  Doing his best impression of a Jedi, a hooded Flint walks up to a Blue as if he is going to give himself up.  Flint is forced to the ground and searched, but all is found are some rocks.  Flint binds the pebbles together into something pointy and sends it through a Kree skull.  Before he can take out others, Sinara sneaks behind Flint and knocks him out to be used as bait for S.H.I.E.L.D..

Knowing it’s a trap, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come armed with a gun.  Daisy lures the Kree out while Coulson fires.  Maston-Dar gets the jump on Coulson, but Mack wields a fire extinguisher to take care of the Kree.  Daisy grabs Flint and makes off back to the junkyard room where Flint moves heavy rocks in front of the door.

That will not hold the Kree long as Maston-Dar is prepared with concrete busting gun.  Deke offers his anti-gravity device to float them up an elevator shaft to the trawler.  He volunteers to go first, but Daisy knows better and gives the device to Fitzsimmons.  Fitz quotes Henry V, Jemma quotes Doctor Who, I fan-girl scream, and the two make their way up.  The rest of the crew follow, with Deke going last.

Fitzsimmons alone together
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One problem, no one can fly the trawler.  Flint had a few lessons from Virgil, but he is going to stay behind to save as many humans as possible.  Mack and Yo-Yo stay behind to fight with him.  Fitz tells the group about the weapons he stashed on Level 3, the roach infested level.  Coulson figures flying the trawler is no different than his flying car, but the landing looks to be rough as the group approaches the surface.

Familiar surroundings

May, lost on the surface comes face to face with a roach.  Before it can make a meal out of the Calvary, Enoch spears the creature.  May recognizes him as the man who kidnapped them and sent them to the future.  Enoch clarifies his non-human status and his aiding of Fitz.  A gravity storm starts to brew, putting the conversation on hold.  Enoch and May are grabbed by a mysterious person before the storm arrives.

May wakes to find she is inside the Zephyr.  A much older Robin Hinton arrives and greets her new guests.


Upset at losing the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Faulnak orders Maston-Dar be sent to the surface to hunt them down.  Sinara informs the older brother she killed his man.  Faulnak, impressed with her gumption, offers her a place in his staff.  Sinara has no plans to abandon her partner and only offers a saccharine smile when Kasius stabs his brother in the back, then the front.

Sinara and Kasius
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The death Faulnak has given Kasius a grand idea as how to win his father’s approval.  Blame his death on S.H.I.E.L.D.  His father will welcome the two with open arms when Kasius describes how he avenged his brother.


I am very worried.

Clark Gregg recently gave an interview where he stated the upcoming 100th episode will “destroy any long-term fans of the show.”  The title of this episode has me wondering if it is a clue as to what that devastation might be.

[SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7] “Together or not at all” is what Amy Pond said to Rory Williams before the two of them sacrificed themselves.

There are two strong couples and one possible couple.  Will the 100th episode see one of these twosomes sacrificing themselves to save the others?

My money is on Mack and Yo-Yo staying in the future to help Flint rebuild Earth.  When the Framework was collapsing and before what he really knew what that meant, Mack was willing to stay behind to save as many as he could.  Yo-Yo is not going to leave Mack and I think she would want to help.  She was never comfortable with being a spy.

Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint
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The only thing is, Natalia Cordova-Buckley was just promoted to series regular.  I don’t think the producers would get rid of her character right after a major promotion.

That only leaves Fitzsimmons and the budding Philinda.

I am very worried.

I know there is a lot I didn’t talk about from this episode (Gravitonium! Kasisus and Sinara are interesting villains now! So many awesome one-liners!).  Next week, I’ll try not to dwell on the pending doom too much.

Till Then!

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