Fanfic Wednesday: “Beach Bashes and Banter”


fanfic wednesday

Written by The Nerdling

“Beach Bashes and Banter” by teatat

Paring: Will Darcy and Lizi Bennet

Word Count: 12,696


“When Darcy and his friends show up at the restaurant where Lizi is working for the summer, he offends her by acting as if he owns the place, and she draws his censure with her “carelessness.” It turns out Darcy does own the place and soon finds Lizi attracting him more than he would like. “

A modern Pride & Prejudice at the beach.

My Thoughts

The colorful world of fanfiction is fairly brand new to me (if you don’t count the Fifty Shades tripe trilogy).  Coming to write for The Collective has introduce me to a series of writers with wonderful imaginations who take characters I love in an interesting direction.  Since I am still new, I decided to approach my turns on Fanfic Wednesday as someone dipping their toe into the waters of fandom imagination.  Not quite ready for RPF, so for the time being I will be in the shallow end with fictional characters.

This modern adaptation of the beloved Jane Austen classic has everything I adore from the original story (a clever leading lady, witty banter between the leads, relatable sisterly drama, etc.) without the 19th century language.  Austen and her books do exist in this world, leading to a joke of the irony in the main character’s names.  A running gag about Lizi’s work hair styles sounds like something I have done back in my waitressing days.

So far there are only four chapters, taking us about a third of the way through the story, but the author is fairly quick to publish.  I cannot wait for the next installment.