Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “Fun & Games”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Fitz rescue plans go a bit awry. A big name from the comics who could massively impact the future is introduced.

In the future, there are no Tacos, but there are Spoilers!


Flint is a character we were very briefly introduced to in the season premiere and this week we follow him as he is forced thru Terrigenesis.  Kasius is holding an Inhuman clearance sale before quietly destroying all humans.  Flint is freaked out, but excited.  Tess and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are not so much.  They know Inhumans are sold off as slaves.

No surprise, Flint starts transitioning shortly after the Terrigen crystal is broken, but as he is coming out of the cocoon, Yo-Yo makes off with him.  The Kree go in search of Flint and question Tess since she talked to the kid before Terrigenesis.  Tess lies her way out with the Kree for the moment, but they eventually catch on.  She is killed and displayed in the commons as a warning.

Yo-Yo, Mack, and Coulson calm Flint and figure a way to get him safely.  Flint hasn’t developed his powers prompting Yo-Yo to recount her story of exposure to Terrigen.  Grill overhears her tale and locks down Yo-Yo, Mack, and Coulson’s metrics.  Grill electrocutes the three agents as payback for killing his right-hand goon.  Flint starts to become angry and anxious as he inadvertently starts hurling rocks across the room.  Grill points a gun at Flint threatening him to stop, but Yo-Yo encourages the young man to take control of his powers.  Flint finds the will to mold several rocks together and crushes Grill.

An Unheard Proposal

Fitz (now Boshtok a supremely wealthy and very scary space-marauder) successfully ingratiates himself with Kasius with a show of snarky ruthlessness to the other buyers.  His favored status allows him favorable odds at purchasing Daisy and Jemma.  Enoch assists the formerly shy S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist in navigating the party and provides a reminder of their mission to Fitz when Jemma arrives.

Playing it cool, Fitz walks up behind Jemma and gives a beautifully heartwarming speech before proposing marriage to his love.  Unfortunately, Jemma couldn’t hear any of it since Kasius has her hearing dampener activated.  Fitz complains to his host that his servant can’t hear his requests and Kasius allows Jemma to have her hearing back.  Fitzsimmons share a knowing look and continue on with as Ben is placed in the arena with (thankfully still alive) May.

“Are you not entertained?”

The telepathic Inhuman gives a good show in his match against May.  Before Ben can deliver the death blow, Fitz puts an end to the fight feigning anger at the delay of seeing Daisy.  He suggests May be sent to the surface for losing.  Kasius has Sinara kill Ben as punishment for lying about Jemma and Daisy being the only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents onboard the Lighthouse.

Just before the main event, a big kink is placed in Fitz plan to purchase Daisy.  Kasius’s brother, Faulnak, arrives with orders from their father to procure Daisy for their army.  Faulnak pushes Kasius to put Daisy against Sinara to see how the Inhuman with stack up versus the Blues.  Kasius unwillingly cooperates, pissing off his number one pal.

As Daisy and Sinara enter the ring, Kasius puts up a barrier and turns off Daisy’s power dampener.  The two women battle it out as Daisy holds her own against the Kree warrior, using her powers sparingly as to not injure her hands.  Once Kasius and Faulnak are fully invested in the fight, Fitz pulls an icer from his jacket and lowers the barrier as Jemma slits Kasius’s throat with a butter knife she stole.  Faulnak activates Daisy’s dampener before Fitz and Jemma jump out of the spectator box.  Fitz raises the barrier again to keep the others from following.  Jemma, so in love with her Fitz as they kick ass on their way out, proposes they get married.


The epilogue of the episode sees Enoch, posing as a Blue, heading to the surface to find May.  I love Enoch.  Please, please, please, please don’t let him die.

Fitz speech about his and Jemma’s love is more powerful than any curse had me reaching for my hankie.  I truly love how much both Jemma and Fitz have grown, but Fitz’s transition over the last several years has been so wonderful.

Fitz’s redemption arc is perfect.  He is saving his team from the same kind of villain (well, a less compelling version) he became in the Framework.  There are comparable parallels between Kasius and Framework Fitz.  Both have severe daddy issues, an obsession with Jemma, experimented on Inhumans for personal gain, in charge of a hellish organization…  Genius move by the writers.

The body count was high this week (I don’t think Kasius was one of them).  While I’m not sad to see Grill go, I was shocked Ben and Tess were taken out so quickly.  Tess’s demise felt cheap for a character we had come to know.

Flint is a moderately known character from the comics.  He has the ability to manipulate earth.  His presence has me wondering if the prophecy the agents are there to fulfill is saving Flint so he can piece Earth back together.

It is worth noting this is the first episode directed by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Clark Gregg.

Best Lines of the Night:

  • Yo-Yo – “Nah, he’s just cool.” When Flint thinks Mack is an Inhuman
  • Flint – “What are tacos?” Mack – “What the hell kind of future is this?” (My sentiments exactly, I would never want to live in a future without tacos.)
  • Enoch as he is meeting a Kree guard – “I am a Kree, as I have always been, brother.”

Next week, the big escape starts!  Will everyone make it out?  Are we going to meet the mysterious survivors on the surface?

Till Then!

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