Hannah Alexander—Art Nouveau for the 21st Century

If you’ve been on the internet in, say, the last 5 to 10 years or so, you may have noticed an increase in the creation and circulation of highly stylized fanart. Conventions have always been a fantastic place to purchase interpretations of fandom, but thanks to the popularity of social media, pieces that were once only found in the depths of DeviantArt can now be shared and purchased. One such artist who has found her niche in this fanart world is Hannah Alexander. If you think you recognize the name, it’s probably because you’ve seen her Disney redesigns floating around the interwebs.

According to her online bio, Hannah has been a painter her entire life—but the explosion of pop culture illustration created the perfect environment for her artistry to thrive. She has created various re-imaginings and costumes for Disney, video game, anime, and TV show characters. You can find her work via DeviantArt, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and of course available for purchase on Etsy. She also draws original creations, all of which are simply beautiful.

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The Collected Mutineer