Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “A Life Earned”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

S.H.I.E.L.D. digs deeper into the inner workings of Deke and the Lighthouse as a familiar face makes an unexpected appearance.

In space, no one can hear the Spoilers…

Full Dystopian

Grill taps Mack to be his new heavy since his previous one is now roach food.  A scavenger named Gunner has fallen behind on payment and the Junkyard King suspects he is using the money for a delivery from the Kree R&D department on level 35.  Mack starts to refuse in fear of losing himself to survive in the Lighthouse.  Growing up in an environment not to different from their reality now, Yo-Yo convinces Mack the two of them can coerce payment (and maybe information about the 35th level) without resorting to violence if they work together.

Coulson and May question Deke as to the whereabouts of Daisy and Jemma.  Deke, having just been paid a silver coin by Kasius for handing over The Destroyer of Worlds, pretends he saw her that morning as she took off to find Jemma.  Coulson asks Deke to get him and May to the 35th level in hopes of gaining tech that will allow them to endure the surface and find the mysterious survivor communicating with Virgil.  Deke becomes very cooperative after hearing the recorded message and sneaks the two agents on to the secure Kree only level.

Mack intimidates Gunner by threatening to smash Gunner’s mysterious package just as Yo-Yo realizes the delivery will be a newborn baby.  Horrified he would threaten a child in such violence, Gunner tells Mack he should never be a parent.  The rawness of losing his daughter, Hope, for a second time (and just recently) spins Mack into a heartbreak fueled rage.  He starts to beat on the scavenger before Yo-Yo stops him.

Humans can’t get pregnant in the Lighthouse, Deke explains to Coulson and May when they find Gunner’s newborn on the 35th floor.  Kasius grows children using Inhuman DNA to increase the odds of creating Inhumans to sell.  Coulson and May discover Gunner’s little one was cloned using Daisy’s DNA which was extracted from her the day before, contradicting Deke’s story of his last encounter with Daisy.  Deke’s interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of Sinara.  May holds her off while Coulson takes a wounded Deke away.

Deke confesses to turning over Daisy as a means to save her from herself.  His parents were revolutionaries and were sent to their (presumed) death on the surface for spreading stories of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who will save them all.  The voice on the recorded message belongs to Deke’s father and he wants to get to the surface to be sure.  Deke gives up his silver coin to pay Gunner’s debt as a way of gaining Coulson’s confidence.  Coulson trusts Deke’s story, but not Deke himself and seals the knockoff Star Lord inside his room.

The first rule of Inhuman Fight Club…

Kasius is quite thrilled with having Daisy, The Destroy of Worlds in his Inhuman catalogue.  The bidding war for such a prize would be bring him enough riches to get him off the debris hole he has been relegated to.  But the appearance of Daisy and Jemma is also concerning.  He deduces they are both the prophesied S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come to destroy him.  He can’t be sure since he killed everyone who knew all about the saviors of humanity.  Worried there are more time travelers lurking around, Kasius brings in Ben, an Inhuman who can read minds.

The Kree overlord interrogates Daisy and Jemma to see if their stories of how they came to the Lighthouse sync up.  Daisy explains she took Jemma out to a diner and give her comfort after the two witnessed Jemma’s lover, Fitz, murder S.H.I.E.L.D. director Jefferey Mace when they were trapped in the Framework.  The two women were knocked out and woke up in the future.

Jemma’s hearing is still impaired by Kasius’s implant, but she tells the exact same story when questioned.  Ben not only hears people’s thoughts, but he can also communicate telepathically (a tidbit he didn’t share with Kasius during testing).

Ben chose to help Daisy and Jemma when he saw into Kasius’s mind during the interrogation.  The Kree leader plans to destroy the Lighthouse after he sells Daisy and the rest of the Inhumans off at his next auction.  The Inhumans never wanted to rebel because their families are protected and well compensated.  But if everyone is killed, their sacrifice would be for nothing.

The shock of this revelation is placed on the back burner for Daisy when Fitz reveals himself to be one of the buyers at the auction.


Yup, I shrieked with delight when Fitz pulled off his mask.  But is it really Fitz?  Be prepared for the possibility of LMD shenanigans or for him to be a descendant of Leo Fitz.

So I’m really worried about May.  Last we saw of her, she was cornered by Sinara who looked like she was going in for the kill.  Sinara is seen later cleaning blood off her baoding balls of death.  I’m sure May is not dead.  I would like to think that if May were to die, it would be on screen in an epic battle to end all epic battles.  But this is a Whedon run show and we all know how much they love to break us with unexpected deaths (link contains massive spoilers for other Whedon shows).

I’m begging the writers, please, please, please do not break Mack.  He is the heart and soul of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I don’t think I could take it if all that goodness is stomped out of him.  Especially if it is Grill who does the stomping.

There wasn’t a whole lot of zingers this episode.  Coulson’s “and the vibe goes full dystopian” wins the night by default.

Next week we get to see what happened to Fitz after everyone disappeared at the diner and Lance Hunter returns!

Till Then!

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