Fanfic Wednesday: “lemme whisper in ya ear” (Hockey RPF)


Written by C.Diva

lemme whisper in ya ear” by confusedpumpkin

Pairing: Jonathan Drouin/Nathan MacKinnon

Word Count: 9871

Rating: Explicit


It’s fun and easy, taking what he wants from Jo, and nothing changes.

That’s the beauty of what they have. Nothing has to change.

My Thoughts


I truly love this pairing so much, I don’t even care if it starts off with them having consensual, underage (17yo) sex. This fic hits my language kink like whoa—there are some really great moments that involve Jo speaking French to Nate and Nate not understanding, which is incredibly sad and sweet. I love the chemistry between these two and the inevitability of their relationship. If you like a little bit of angst with your happy ending, check out this fic and then read everything confusedpumpkin writes.


Fanfic Wednesdays will be on hold for the holidays. We will be back with new fic recs in January! 

-Your friendly, neighborhood Collective crew