’tis the season for “A Christmas Prince”

by the Collected Mutineer

We here at The Collective Blog love a good Christmas movie…and I don’t mean classics like It’s A Wonderful Life or White Christmas (although I’m a fan of those as well). We love Christmas movies that are so bad, they’re good. The Collectress even made us bingo cards last year so that we could play along each time we watched a Hallmark movie. And this year, we’ve been blessed by the Christmas movie gods in the shape of Netflix’s A Christmas Prince.

(Caveat: if you’re looking for a legitimately good movie, you can just skip this post entirely.)

If you’ve been on Twitter or Buzzfeed lately, you may have heard of this little Christmas gem. A Christmas Prince (starring Rose McIver of iZombie) focuses on Amber, a copy editor at a magazine who desperately wants to become a full-blown journalist. When the opportunity to cover the coronation of the king of a small European country called Aldovia (basically Genovia, but without Julie Andrews) arises, she jumps at the chance. The potential story promises to be juicy, as the prince who is about to become king is rumored to be a sleazy playboy who has been avoiding his royal duties. When Amber arrives at the castle, however, she is mistaken for the young princess’ American tutor—realizing that she can write her story from an undercover perspective, Amber goes with the case of mistaken identity…only to find herself tangled up in royal intrigue and love with the would-be king.

This movie has all the ingredients of a good bad (or is it bad good?) Christmas movie. A super low budget and a mediocre script come with the territory, but what makes it truly special? You’ll just have to watch it and find out. In the meantime, enjoy these priceless tweets.



So basically, if you love amazing trash, watch this movie. I’ll be here, watching it for the third time in as many days when I have so many important things to do… Merry Christmas, everyone!