Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “A Life Spent”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents learn to operate in murky territory as more details about life in the Lighthouse emerge.

SPOILERS IN SPAAAACE…  (Still working on it)

Welcome to the Thunderdome

As Kasius’s new favorite, Jemma is introduced to Abby, an Inhuman who is having a hard time controlling her powers of self-matter manipulation (think Vision).  If she is unable to perform at the upcoming “ceremony” for an incoming powerful Kree aristocrat, Abby’s whole family will be slaughtered.  Jemma has been giving the daunting task of helping Abby master her powers in a few hours’ time.  Fortunately, Jemma has had plenty of experience with Inhumans developing their powers.  In no time at all, the biologist has the young teenager phasing her hand in and out of a glass water pitcher.

Kasius invites Jemma to witness the ceremony for the white-skinned Kree aristocrat, Basha.  An arena fight where Abby must go up against a massive Kree Champion.  For what seems like forever, the teenage girl is tossed around and beaten on by the massive champion.  But after getting a nod of encouragement from Jemma, Abby recalls her training and plunges her arm through her opponent, killing him.  Kasius sells Abby to Basha at a high rate thanks to Jemma’s mentoring.

Indentured servitude to the Junkyard King

Coulson, Mack and Yo-Yo have not been fairing the best as slave labor to Grill.  Studying Virgil’s notebook, Coulson found several mentions of fragment 616 as something of significance.  He talks Tess and May into bringing he and Mack on a salvaging mission.  Grill is suspicious of the newcomers.  Someone has been skimming from him and he sends his lackey, Zeb, to play babysitter to the crew.

After finding 616, the crew overpowers Zeb and lock him in the cargo hold when he realizes they are not on course.  Mack and Tess have a heated debate over whether or not they should kill Grill’s spy, but don’t take the time to tie him up.  Coulson notices Virgil’s lucky globe actually contains a key to a compartment which houses a radio.  The signal is faint and the message doesn’t quite come thru, but it is a human talking on the other side.  They record the message and trace the signal back to the surface of the Earth.  Time to process this information runs out as Zeb cuts the fuel line and they have to haul back before they become stranded in space.

Upon their return, Zeb tells Grill what the crew was up to.  Some quick moves by Yo-Yo turns the tide on Zeb.  She accuses Zeb of having a gun (a giant no-no for humans) and tells Grill Zeb threatened her and the rest of the crew with it to lie for his skimming.  Grill searches his lackey to find the gun Yo-Yo planted on him turns him over to the Kree.  Zeb is sent to the surface of the Earth where he is made into roach food.

Coulson continues to fiddle with the radio and hears someone calling out to see if Virgil has made contact with the delegation (a.k.a. S.H.I.E.L.D.).

The Long Game

Not wanting to deal with the Earth-destroying bomb Deke handed her, Daisy puts all her energy into finding her friends.  She quickly figures out where everyone is and has Yo-Yo (in a super cool sequence) to get the Kree tablet to her.  Deke warns Daisy to not barrel head first into Kasius’s level and to play the long game with him.  But we all know Daisy is too impatient to do even the simplest things like take some time to recon the area.

Daisy makes it up to Kasius’s level by the skin of her teeth, but is caught.  Deke sold her out to the blue-skinned overlord, telling her he is “just playing the long game.”  Kasius is very curious how Daisy, The Destroyer of Worlds made it on to his space station.


Really enjoyed how tonight’s episode epilogue swung back and connected to season four’s finale epilogue.

Any theories as to who is on the surface talking to Virgil?  If there is an old man Fitz down there, I don’t know if my emotions can handle that reunion with Jemma.

Abby, thy name is 2017.  Is there a more on point allegory for women in this dumpster fire of a year than the teenaged Inhuman?  A beaten young woman finally finds the strength (with the help of another strong woman) to defend herself, only to be sold off to keep the status quo (looking at you Alabama).

Deke mentions the Multiverse theory giving me hope my hypothesis for this season is correct.  The agents are in a different universe all together and have severed ties to the MCU movies.

Fun little comic book Easter Egg, 616 is the designation for our universe in the comics.

Jemma may have her hearing impaired by the device Kasius placed in her head, but she is totally reading everyone’s lips, right?  She is doing what Daisy should have done in the first place, taken the time to get the lay of the land before making a move.

Next week sees Daisy join other Inhumans as Kasius’s Gladiators.  If someone is not named Doug or we don’t get some variation of “Piss off, ghost!”, I’m going to be seriously disappointed.

Best Lines

  • Daisy (after punching Deke) – “So in what universe did that just happen in? Mine or yours?”
  • May – “Less than 24 hours and you’re already a prisoner. That a record?”  Coulson – “Not even close.”
  • Mack – “I’d rather not go where no one can hear you scream, but okay.”

Till Next Week!

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