Le Geek So Chic: The Best of Nerd Fashion

By The Collectress

I wrote about the Le Geek So Chic fashion show earlier this year when I attended the Long Beach Comic Expo, and when it was announced that the fashion show would be at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con this fall, I was stoked and made plans to drive to Los Angeles for the event on Friday, even though I hadn’t been planning to attend that day. Armed with a notepad and the Mutineer with her camera, we went home with stars in our eyes and at least 500 pictures to sift through. 

The show was hosted by Bernadette Bentley and Mr Leo Zombie, two very prominent figures in the nerd fashion and cosplay community. Their effervescent banter and the inclusiveness of the fashion show’s stylings (models of all body types, ages, races, and genders are accepted) make the fashion show a must-see for me. Here are a few highlights from the designs:

  • Little Petal, a designer from New York, always designs her dresses to have pockets! Her Wonder Woman and hoodie Harley Quinn dress were some of my favorites in the show.
  • Zolnar from Latvia is a futuristic fashion designer and her stuff looks like Blade Runner meets the Matrix and it’s awesome. 
  • Castle Corsetry has gorgeous Harry-Potter inspired corsets. Go, look, drool. (AND they have workout clothes too!)
  • Darling Army’s pinafore dresses and kimonos are so cute. That Han Solo dress is something we all want, so for your ease, here’s a link to the page to order it. (Also that Yuna dress from FFX is everything to me so if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for me…)
  • Elhoffer Design is high-end geekbound attire and is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. I’ve loved her designs for years (her Hamilton-inspired coat tunics are beautiful), and her Game of Thrones designs did not disappoint. She even collaborated with the designer of Cersei’s gemfire ring!

Skim through the gallery below for glimpses at the fashions from this fall’s Le Geek So Chic event. Tell me your favorites in the comments!

All photography by The Collected Mutineer. 🙂

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