5 reasons we love Star Trek

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by The Collected Mutineer

written by Mel and The Collected Mutineer

5.) The gadgets

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All the high tech things they had to play with is one of the reasons I love Trek. They always had something new and cool to work with that I ended up wanting. (I need a replicator and Transporter Pad like now) It wasn’t only that, they would also use these awesome gadgets and tools to McGyver their way out of tight spots. So COOL!

These far-out gadgets also inspired many of the tech we have now. Fun fact: the first flip phone was modeled after the TOS communicators and the P.A.D.D.’s from the TNG inspired the iPad (They even tried to get the right to name it a P.A.D.D.) From Bluetooth to GPS. Trek brought it to the masses first! —Mel

4.) Past + Present + Future

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For as long as I can remember, Star Trek has been part of my life. My mom was a Trekkie, and I was too. While my friends were watching Star Wars, I was facepalming with Jean Luc. I liked Reading Rainbow because it had Geordi on it. I was fascinated with the idea of the transporter, the communicators, the holodeck. It was my past, my present, and my future all wrapped into one show: The Next Generation. By the time I saw TOS and the films, I was already part of their universe and they were part of mine.

Star Trek was my introduction to futuristic science fiction, a love that has lasted through the years. And even as the genre continues to evolve in films, on television, and in print, it somehow always comes back to its roots. What is our purpose in this enormous galaxy? What will the future be like? How will humanity survive its own shortcomings and brutality? —TCM

3.) The fashion

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Shiny, flowy, short, tight they had it all. The fun thing about the Trek fashion is it was never shy. Short hemlines for guys, gals, and every lifeform in between. I love that the designers weren’t afraid of color or patterns or glitter. To me it exuded life and excitement. That’s what explorations all about, right? —Mel

2.) Camp at its best

I could wax eloquently on the cultural impact of Star Trek on the American psyche, or the societal commentaries and connections to space exploration. But no discussion of this groundbreaking show would be complete without the acknowledgment of one pivotal factor: camp*. Yes, TOS in particular is spectacularly campy in all the best ways. Most of it stemmed from small budgets and filming restrictions at the time, but grew into a tradition not to take itself too seriously. Even now, the new films know when to be silly. Here’s one of the best campy scenes in history. If this doesn’t make you laugh…well, watch it a second time! —TCM

*If you don’t already know, “camp” is an aesthetic that views something as appealing both due to and in spite of its irony or bad taste. It can also be described as cheesy.

1.) Hope for the future

Mel—The hope I get while I watch Trek is the thing I love the most. It’s something I can go back to when I need to, to gain courage to fight another day. It reminds me that even though things are hard now, they could be better. We can be better. That’s beautiful.

TCM—Star Trek not only broke boundaries when it first aired; it is a continual reminder of the future our world could have. It’s not just about space travel or the possibility of life outside our planet. It’s about inclusivity, positivity, and peace. I look forward to this future where the best things are possible.

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If you love all things Trek as much as we do, be sure to tune in every weekend for the next few months as #CollectiveSmash explores the films. And if you aren’t a Trekkie, what better time to delve right in? We’ll see you soon. Live long and prosper, friends.