Dear Kevin Spacey: No.

The latest scandal to erupt in Hollywood concerns none other than two-time Oscar winner, and current lead on House of Cards, Kevin Spacey. If you’ve missed the news, here’s a sum up: Anthony Rapp, star of Rent and Star Trek: Discovery, has come forward with his experience with Spacey, who made sexual advances on the then 14-year old Rapp, according to the article on Buzzfeed.

Spacey’s response? Troubling at best.

The internet’s response to Mr. Spacey’s statement?



As a queer woman, I’m deeply troubled that more attention is being put on Mr. Spacey’s sexuality reveal than the accusations brought against him. The LGBTQ+ community has fought for a long time against the stigma of pedophile predators, and now Mr. Spacey’s apology has linked the two together, making it potential fodder for homophobic persons to levy against our community. You don’t get to take up the community when it serves your agenda, Mr. Spacey. You don’t get to claim membership when responding to making unwanted advances on one of our own, who was a child at the time. The rainbow flag is not a blanket protection against this kind of accusation, and it is not a diversion method to distract the public from Mr. Rapp’s story. The rainbow flag is a symbol of pride for who we are, and if you were proud of being gay or bi or whatever you choose to be, this isn’t the way you would have come out.

I applaud Anthony Rapp for speaking out again (read about his previous interview with Advocate Magazine here), and I’m sad that it’s taken over 30 years for the world to listen to him.