Diva’s 5 Must Watch Classic Black Horror Films

written by C. Diva

As a fan of the genre, I have seen good horror movies, B horror movies and everything in between. Here are five classic Black horror flicks you should check out, just in time for Halloween.

Candyman (1992)

One of the scariest movies I saw as a teen horror aficionado, Candyman features a theme running through my childhood nightmares–whispering a name into the mirror and conjuring a murderous mythical figure. YIKES!

Wes Craven’s People Under the Stairs (1991)

I remember watching this film as a kid and thinking, these white folks are CRAZY!! Featuring Ving Rhames as our hero, and one of the two black kids from Mighty Ducks, just watching the trailer freaks me out a little bit.

Blade (1998)

There isn’t a cooler vampire in film, fight me. Watch all three of the Blade movies, and enjoy one of my favorite black anti-heroes and the sensational performance of Wesley Snipes.

Tales from the Hood (1995)

These are the campy B-movie horror short films you are looking for. Tales from the Hood takes the format of the Tales from the Crypt franchise and blackens it up. Trust me, these movies are so bad, they’re good.

Ganja & Hess (1973)

After scouring the interwebs for black films I hadn’t seen before, I watched this experimental film while writing this post and was truly impressed. From art house depictions of black life and addiction to the saving graces of the black church, this movie is definitely one of those classic high-art horror films you can use to impress your geeky scary-movie loving friends.

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