Hulu and Hang: Broad City

written by C. Diva

**a spoiler free review**

Broad City: Funny Feminism for Millennials and More

It took me almost 3 full years to watch Broad City, but now that I have, I’m hooked on this irreverent, progressive, hella funny television show written and created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and produced by Amy Poehler. Broad City is a comedy about two twentysomething friends living their best life in New York City and the meme-worthy antics they get into on a regular basis. Now, while that description isn’t unique in itself, I’ve got to say, I have never seen a show quite like Broad City, and mama, I love it.



There are currently 3 seasons of Broad City on Hulu, with season 4 being broadcast on Comedy Central now. With each episode at approximately 21 minutes each–let me do the math here–it took me like 2 days to finish seasons 1-3 and I have zero regrets. I started watching Broad City because I needed a laugh and am incredibly tired of watching comedy shows with dude bro leads who I can’t really relate to. While I was skeptical of Abby and Ilana’s ability to make me smile, I really shouldn’t have been. These are two young women who talk about periods, food, body image, religion, politics, sexuality, money and life in the same way I do with my friends. While I may have a few years on the main characters, lady parts are the great equalizer, and I can’t help but appreciate a good menstruation joke that dares to make viewers laugh about what most guys don’t even want to acknowledge our bodies go through once a month. Also, this show has amazing guest stars–Kelly Ripa, Hillary Clinton, Fred Armisan, Seth Rogan, Melissa Leo?? YAAAASSSSSSS KWEEN!

Should I binge it? 

Is this only for female-identifying folks?

…but no. Dudes can and will enjoy it, too.

Can I watch this with my kids?