Inhumans Recap “Make way for… Medusa”


Lockjaw is hurt!  And other stuff.

Behold…The Spoilers

My Puppy is Wounded!

Dave, the guy on the ATV, is a little freaked out by the sudden appearance of a girl and a giant dog.  He gets an extra shock when he learns she is an Inhuman.  Crystal demands a doctor for Lockjaw and she is in luck, Dave’s ex-girlfriend is a veterinarian.  Audrey (the ex) arrives at Dave’s place the next morning, patches up Lockjaw, and warns that he needs to rest before teleporting again.

Unsurprising Partnership

On the helicopter, Declan introduces himself to Black Bolt and Sammy.  Declan is a genetic scientist studying Inhumans (whom he claims are willful participants).  He wants to take the two Inhumans to his secret lab in Hawaii and run tests on them.  Noticing their trepidation, he assures Sammy and Black Bolt they are free to leave at any time.  Black Bolt has Declan promise to help find Black Bolt’s wife if he comes to the facility.

After some tests, Declan is super-enthusiastic over Black Bolt’s DNA.  Unlike the DNA of the other Earth-born Inhumans, which still bear traces of regular ol’ human DNA, Black Bolt’s is pure Inhuman.  Declan reveals his discoveries to his partner through a commlink.  Maximus.  The geneticist believes he can use Black Bolt’s genes to alter genetic makeup of humans to keep kids from dying and cure cancer.  Maximus, not revealing his connection with Black Bolt, attempts to convince Declan to kill the Inhuman.  Declan refuses.  Cells alter when the person is no longer alive.  Maximus relents in hopes Declan’s research will cure is pesky humanness.

Crazy Eyes Type of Plan

Maximus reveals to Auran Black Bolt’s location and orders her not to kill him just yet.  Inspired by Declan’s theories of altering human DNA, the new King calls a meeting of the genetic council to ask permission to go through Terrigenesis once again after he “corrects” his DNA.  The genetic council refuses the request on the grounds the experimentation will be too dangerous.

Maximus pulls Tibor, a member of the council, aside and informs his old friend the other council members have been exiled and he will go ahead with his plans to re-undergo Terrigenesis.  A very terrified Tibor asks Maximus for reconciliation for his betrayal when they were younger.  “I always thought forgiveness was overrated,” Maximus replies.


Medusa’s plan to follow a helicopter in a car shows all sorts of problems when her aggressive urging of Louise catches the attention of a police car.  The two women lose the police after Medusa shoots out the cop car’s tires.  Unfortunately, they also lose the helicopter.  Medusa stares at the moon longingly and Louise realizes she was one of the four energy bolts from the moon.  Back at Louise’s hotel room, the scientist works to track the helicopter.  Before she can find it, the police arrive.  They escape just in time, steal a car, and hunker down at a park so Louise can finish working her magic.

Declan works on his agreement to find Black Bolt’s wife by showing the King photos of other Inhumans on the compound.  Black Bolt scrolls through the images and both he and Sammy sense none of those people are there willingly.  The two men escape, but are met with Auran, Mordis, and the rest of her gang outside.

Cornered, Black Bolt pulls a gas line free and motions for Sammy to make a run for it.  If Mordis raises his helmet, then they all go boom.  Auran doesn’t seem to mind killing them all, even if that goes against Maximus’ orders and yells for Mordis to fire at Black Bolt.  Before he can raise his helmet, Medusa and Louise come speeding through and run over Mordis.  The force of the hit raises Mordis’ helmet briefly and the gas tank explodes.  Black Bolt gets out of the blast area in time, the rest are not so lucky.  He reunites with his wife and they grab the unconscious, but still breathing Flora (one of Auran’s minions) to use in finding the rest of their family.  The group speeds away as Mordis begins to stir.

Elsewhere on the Island of Hawaii

Karnack proves himself quite the asset to the twitchy pot growers, Jen, Ted and Reno.  He re-engineers their irrigation system so their crops grow better and Jen is so grateful, she jumps Karnack’s bones inside her tent that night.  But one of the growers is super shifty, and surprisingly it isn’t the one who wanted to shoot Karnack on the spot.  Reno (off screen) shoots the twitchy Ted and buries him while creepily listening in on Jen and Karnack.

Heartbroken and angry one of the surfer dudes was killed in the standoff with Auroan and her minions, Grogon argues with the rest of the Surfer Militia.  They want to regroup and keep fighting, but Gorgon knows with Mordis on their side, the rest will die.  Gorgon storms off to find Karnack on his own.  The problem is he “needs Karnack to find Karnack.”


I was really looking forward to a Black Bolt/Mordis standoff.  I feel seriously cheated.  There better be one before the end of the series or else I’m just going to be here (we all know there will be no second season to rail at).

The rest of the gang are well on their way to being reunited.  What will be interesting are the problems caused by Karnack wanting to stay.  He is a trusted adviser and the family need him to take Attilan back from Maximus.

Despite his true intentions of becoming Inhuman again being revealed, still find myself rooting for Maximus.  He is the only compelling character on the show.  Well, not the only one.  Louise and her plight to make her father’s dream come true for herself is fascinating as well.

The young actress who plays the young Medusa is named V.I.P.  I don’t know why, but I felt the need to share that tidbit.

Till Next Week!

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