Inhumans Recap “Divide… and Conquer”

Black Bolt, Gorgon, and Karnack make new friends, Medusa finds a clue to her husband, Maximus asks a favor of Crystal.

Behold… The Spoilers

Fighting for Kings

Gorgon, waiting for an attack from Maximus’ people, warns the once chill, now frighteningly armed, surfers those coming for him are not like any fighters they faced.  The surfers are not afraid and pledge to fight for Gorgon’s king in honor of the one they lost so long ago.

But the surfer militia should have worried harder.  Maximus recruits an imprisoned Inhumans, Mordis, and Auran is not happy about it, calling him “Death.”  Mordis, Auran, and a few other Inhumans track Gorgon’s commlink to an abandoned shack in the jungle where the surfer militia, hiding in the trees, open fire.  Auron and Gorgon square off as a few of the Inhuman guards and one surfer are killed.

Realizing she is outmatched, Auron calls for Mordis who lifts his helmet and his fiery gaze explodes the shack.  Gorgon stomps down his foot and the shockwaves send Auran, Mordis, and the rest of the living Inhuman guards flying.  Grabbing the dead surfer and hauling ass, Gorgon and his new fiends run.

“I don’t make mistakes”

Lost in the jungle on a different island, Karnack comes upon a trio of weed growers.  Since the drug is still not legalized in Hawaii, the group is a little paranoid about unannounced visitors.  While one member of the trio wants to kill Karnack, the other two are a bit more level headed.

One member of the group cleans Karnack’s head wound and asks about his strange tattoos all over his face.  He tells her about his decision to get them as teenager and how it reminds him of who he has become.  Now that his powers are malfunctioning, he fears he is not the person his family has come to rely on.  In his fear, he asks if he can stay with the trio.  After a quick powwow, the trio decides Karnack can remain and work for them.

Hawaii has the worst guarded prison ever

Black Bolts stay in the prison does not get off to a good start when a guard reveals one of the cops Black Bolt hospitalized is a family member.  An inmate named Sammy offers to have a little “play time” with Black Bolt.  The guard, thinking it was a euphemism for beating up the newbie, locks the two in Black Bolts cell.

But Sammy, who is also an Inhuman, is not looking to hurt the king.  He knows what Black Bolt is and was bribed into talking to him by the Mysterious Dr. Evan Declan.  Sammy warns Black Bolt that Inhumans are disappearing on Earth and that his family could be in danger as well.  The guards take Sammy and Black Bolt, who were engaging in a nice game of chess, outside with the other inmates.  The other prisoners circle around Black Bolt, wanting to congratulate the man who hospitalized cops.

Angry at the warm reception for Black Bolt, the guards harass the inmates and a riot breaks out.  Sammy and Black Bolt use the commotion as an opportunity to escape the prison as Declan arrives in a helicopter.  The two escapees fly off with Declan.

“I need money… please”

In Waikiki, Medusa gains access to a mansion by slipping through the gate as the owner drives away.  Inside the house, she finds food, new clothing, some cash, and a well-placed newspaper with a story about Black Bolt’s arrest.  She calls a cab company and heads to the prison where Black Bolt is being held.

Upon arrival at the prison, Medusa is unable to catch her husband’s attention as he escapes into the helicopter.  She is met with a curious Louise who had been waiting outside the prison all day to for an opportunity to meet Black Bolt.  Medusa orders Louise (using the gun she took off a prison guard) to follow the helicopter with her car.

Still rooting for the Villain

Knowing he needs to look as if he has the approval from a member of the royal family to abolish the cast system and free the slaves, Maximus approaches Crystal to read a statement to the genetic council naming him as King.  Maximus argues the best way to reunite the family is for everyone to get on board going to Earth.  Crystal agrees to read the speech, but it is only a rouse to find out where Lockjaw is hiding.

Crystal calls Maximus “king of no one” before attacking the guards and running off.  She finds and wakes Lockjaw just enough from his heavy sedation to get them both to Earth.  As soon as they arrive, the pooch passes back out and is hit by a man riding an ATV.

Maximus uses Crystal’s attack and escape as an example of how the royal family has abandoned everyone at Attilan and he is the only one who cares enough to stay for the people.


I’m still looking for reasons as to why we are supposed to be rooting against Maximus.  I like the royal family enough to not want Maximus to succeed in killing them, but they are all for slavery.  So far, I’m good with Maximus being in charge.  Especially since it was revealed in flashbacks Black Bolt didn’t even want to be king.

Also, I don’t want to root for a group of crazy dudes with assault rifles.  The writers really don’t get how to make the “heroes” sympathetic do they?

Mordis is the least scary baddie ever introduced.  He complains like a teenager being dragged around the family vacation he didn’t want to go on.  Note to the writers–villains who say, “I don’t want to be here any more than you wanted me here” are not intimidating.

While there was some improvement from the premiere, Inhumans hasn’t endured itself enough to many of the sceptics hoping the show rallies.  Scott Buck shouldn’t plan on a second season, or at least one he is going to be involved in.

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