“Black Intimacy” Exhibition Will Premiere at MoMa in NYC This October

Night Catches Us, 2010
Looking for Langston, 1989
 written by C. Diva

October 3-16, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art will feature cinematic portrayals of black love in a special series entitled Black Intimacy, which will look at 16 films, 2 shorts, and a television episode, highlighting the way that black relationships are portrayed on screen. The series will also address the question if blackness can be separated from political, social and human rights issues while exploring different types of love, including romantic, familial, platonic and queer intimacy.

According to the MoMA website: “Films like ClaudineA Warm December, and The Inkwell portray very different types of black romances and family structures to illustrate a broader scope of love and relationships; the notion of how black women are treated as love interests and how their needs are explored and honored is at the heart of Loosing Ground; and black queer identity, intimacy, and vulnerability are front and center in Looking for Langston and The Watermelon Woman.”

Night Catches Us, 2010

If you are in New York next month, pick up a $12 ticket and head to The Roy or the Niuta Titus Theater and check out one or more of these amazing films and join in a thoughtful discussion about black love in America.