Fanfic Wednesday: “Courage and Sacrifice”

Katniss at the Reaping in District 12.


“Courage and Sacrifice” by Manniness (AO3)

Pairing: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)
Word Count: 93,524
Status: Completed


A retelling of The Hunger Games, from Peeta’s perspective. It is mostly canon-compliant to the first film, but with a few differences.

My Thoughts

Yes, it’s been four months and I’m still in the Everlark trashcan.

I had fully intended to rec a different ship this week, but I’ve been reading this fic slowly, but surely, over the last month and now that I’ve finally finished it…I want you all to read it too.

Here’s why.

  • It’s from Peeta’s POV, and while the book’s message had to be conveyed through Katniss’ POV, it’s kinda nice to see what Peeta *might* have been thinking throughout the first Hunger Games. Also, Peeta is one of my biggest literary crushes so 93K words of Peeta? Sign me up.

  • It’s well-written, well thought-out, and well characterized. Although the author does make minor changes to the characters, it is to adjust their personalities to have logical reactions to the slight differences in plot. In short, it’s a good writer doing what a good writer does.
  • Lastly, the way that the author has Katniss and Peeta team up is what I wish would have happened in the books/films. Wouldn’t have worked for Suzanne Collins’ overall story arc, but here it is a nice deviation.

This is one that  you’ll want  to read if you’re a fan of The Hunger Games and/or Everlark.

Happy reading, my friends.