Preacher Recap “End of the Road”

Herr Starr leads a campaign to garner Jesse a following.  Cassidy and Tulip ready for their trip to Bimini.  Eugene’s trust in Hitler is tested.

Spoilers on the Road to God…

The New Messiah

Jesus has had a couple of millennia to garner a devout following.  The Grail and Jesse Custer have to hit the ground running to gain the clout needed for Jesse to take over in the apocalypse.  First stop, a Catholic school where Herr Starr (without Jesse’s knowledge) has set up a fake terrorist attack.  Starr was hoping to film Jesse using Genesis to disarm the men, but the Word is on the fritz.  Jesse manages to fight his way out of the situation instead.

Despite not getting proof of Jesse’s otherworldly abilities, Starr continues with his plan and uploads the video.  Its popularity procures Jesse an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel that evening.  He is bumped at the last minute by Kylie Jenner, but still.  The word is out about the badass preacher saving the day.

Les Enfants Du Sang

Cassidy can no longer ignore the monster he has created.  The vampire finds his son’s blood-stained clothing in the wash and a website dedicated to encouraging the darker nature of their species on Denis’ laptop.  Seeing Denis indulge has awaken a side of Cassidy we haven’t seen.  The blood-thirsty creature lurking just underneath the wise-cracking, foreskin obsessed surface.  Finding Tulip’s underwear mixed in with his laundry, Cassidy daydreams of sexy times her, but the scene turns gruesome when he rips her throat out.

Being around Denis’ bloodlust drives Cassidy to the brink.  Handing over the little dog, Banjo, to Denis, Cassidy pleas with his son to be a “good lad.”  Catching the site of Tulip’s underwear on Cassidy’s bed, Denis turns the plea back onto his father.  “Can you be a good lad, papa?”  “Not with you around,” Cassidy growls as he shoves his son out the window into daylight and closes the curtains to him.  Cassidy hops in the car with Tulip, tells her Denis has chosen to stay behind, and releases Banjo into the streets of New Orleans.

Hoover is the Worst

Tulip packs her bags (blind to Cassidy’s family drama or the outcome) and loads the car.  But not before finding the Grail camera that fell from the ceiling and another one mounted in the living room.  She shows Cassidy, who wants to tell Jesse, but Tulip just shrugs.  Jesse made his decision.

Before she and Cassidy drive off, Tulip realizes she hasn’t said good bye to Jeanie.  Walking into the neighbor’s apartment, Tulip sees a Soul Happy Go Go operational manual and glue used to mount the cameras in Denis’ apartment.  Laura comes out from the back, dressed as her alter ego and holding her gun behind her back.  Tulip tries to say her goodbyes calmly and then back away when Hoover comes out of the bathroom.  The jig is up and Laura shoots Tulip.

Jesse receives a frantic phone call from Cassidy and rushes back to find Tulip bleeding to death on the kitchen floor.  Promising to deal with Laura and Hoover’s latest mistake later, Starr calls off the ambulance.  Jesse tries to use Genesis to keep Tulip breathing, but it fails.  Cassidy moves to turn her into a vampire and save her, but Jesse holds him back until Tulip has taken her final breath.  There is one more option.

Back to Angelville

During the cold open, we see some of Jesse as a teenager.  Sitting on the corner of the road leading to Angelville Plantation, the young man takes admission money and directs those seeking the help of his grandmother.  Brining Jesse his lunch and collect the cash, the shadowy henchmen, T.C. and Jodie nearly break Jesse’s arm for pick-pocketing customers.

In frustration, Jesse kills a chicken running around the road.  Immediately ashamed for his actions, Jesse brings the dead chicken to his grandmother.  She warns Jesse, “everything has a price” and he agrees to pay it.

With a dead Tulip in the back seat, Jesse and Cassidy speed towards the same plantation.

Distant Vistas

It is the question of this season.  Can Hitler be trusted?  He got Eugene out of Hell, but turns out it was a long con for Hitler to break himself out as well.  As the two men make it to the surface, Hitler hightails it into the streets and away from Eugene.


We get a sorta glimpse of God at the end of the episode as he chills in a hotel room, eating junk food, drinking Dr. Pepper, and listening to jazz, but the light coming off his presence obscures him.

A bleak, but strong ending for a season with several ups and downs throughout.  Watching Jesse and Cassidy wrestling each other to save Tulip was heartbreaking, but tension between them was building to the moment all season.

With the real-world appearance of Nazis here in the US, I was not thrilled with the Hitler redemption storyline.  Preacher got a minor pass since the season was filmed well before Charlottesville, but it was not enjoyable to watch.  I was pretty happy when it was revealed Hitler is not a redeemable character.  Balance has been restored.

I wonder what Eugene will do when he finds out about Annville and his family.

It was an obvious outcome, but killing Denis is going to haunt Cassidy for the rest of his days and that is going to be something really interesting to explore in season three.  I’m hoping we also get to see more of the darker Cassidy.

Love how as Jesse is speeding off to save Tulip, Starr casually drops he has the 1% of Jesse’s soul he gave up to The Saint.  Guess we know what else Hoover was doing with the Saint after pulling him out of the swamp.

Any guesses what the price was for the chicken to be brought back to life?  What do you think the price will be to bring back Tulip?

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