3 Reasons to Binge Watch TNT’s “Claws”

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via TNT

I have a long history of randomly stumbling onto a tv show and binge-watching it…Fringe, Dark Matters, Zoo, Harlots (just to name a few). The last binge session involved a little show called “Claws,” which premiered this past summer on TNT in the United States. It’s about a crew of women who run a nail salon and launder money for a local drug cartel run by “Uncle Daddy.” I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s three damn good reasons you should give this show a try. 

Sex, Drugs, and Murder.

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I’m an easily pleased binge-watcher because (this is gonna sound horrible) I love a good murder. Chances are if there’s a murder mystery, I’ll watch it. Claws does not disappoint because by the end of the first episode, there’s one main character who takes a trip to meet Jimmy Hoffa. From then on, Desna (Niecy Nash) spins an intricate web of lies and deceit to keep herself–and her girls and brother–safe from Uncle Daddy.

And yeah, there’s a fair bit of sex and a whole lot of drugs. It’s like True Blood without the vampires and with more diversity.

Desna and Dean

While Desna may be the main character, her autistic twin brother, Dean (Harold Perrineau), is the heart of the show. Desna’s main motivation is to care for and protect her brother, and one of the biggest heart-gripping sequences in the first season is when she realizes just what he’s done to protect her. Very little happens on the show that isn’t related to Desna’s instinct to watch out for her brother, and their scenes are some of the most emotionally charged of the show.

Women Who Watch Out For Each Other

Too often women are pitted against each other, both in real life and on television. Claws is refreshing because no matter what, these women have each other’s backs. If one goes to jail, such as Carrie Preston’s Polly, the others make sure there’s someone on the inside to watch out for her. If one needs money, they help her. If one needs emotional support, they’re there (with alcohol).

They’re a family, so of course they fight (and oh do they fight), but ultimately if you’re brought into the group, you’re in. You’re one of them. At the beginning of the season Virginia (Karrueche Tran) discovers just that, as Desna takes her in after a run-in with Uncle Daddy’s emotionally unstable son, Roller. My favorite moment of the season was the girls of Nail Artisans dancing together to “Lady Marmalade” because it demonstrated, without words, the beautiful emotional intimacy that exists between these women, and just how much they enjoy their friendship.

You can watch Claws on the TNT app or from the “On Demand” section of your television provider.

I can’t wait for season 2! (which will show up sometime in 2018)


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