1 win and 2 misses for Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest films

via The Sun
via The Sun

Benedict Cumberbatch is at it again. In the last few days, his name has blown up on social media thanks to the buzz (and displeasure) regarding his newest movie announcements. The trailers for The Current War and The Child in Time were just released. The former has not impressed early audiences, while the latter looks promising—but both were eclipsed by the news that Benny is slated to star in a film called Gypsy Boy. Playing a Romani man.

For anyone up to date on, well, anything in Hollywood or the world at large, you can see how this could be upsetting for a lot of people. In the last several years, actors and audiences alike have spoken out about whitewashing in film and television. Benedict has already been involved in some whitewashing drama (see: Doctor Strange and Star Trek: Into Darkness), so it’s disappointing to see it happen yet again. What’s more, his latest foray seems to be an attempt to distance himself from the blockbuster troubled-genius roles that have received such acclaim—even those that haven’t been released yet, like The Current War. Sweetie, I’m not sure this is the way to do it…

While I’m not looking forward to Gypsy Boy (I kinda hope he’ll back out of it, the way Ed Skrein did the right thing not that long ago), I found the trailers for both his other new films interesting. Take a look:

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts on these trailers and the Gypsy Boy announcement.

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