Preacher Recap “On Your Knees”

Written by The Nerdling

Eugene faces the worst the Hell has to offer.  Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip have encounter an old foe.  Herr Starr’s plan is revealed.

Spoilers on the Road to God…

Down the Hole

The way out of Hell is through the Hole, leaving Eugene to confront his worst memory and other internal demons before he and Hitler can move on.  The scene in Tracy’s room plays out the same as before, she kills herself when Eugene kisses her as before, then again when he rejects her.  The situation escalates until Eugene realizes Tracy was a spoiled, selfish person and her death was her fault, not his.  But the Hole is not done.  The troop leader who molested Eugene as a child enters Tracy’s room wearing the Annville mascot costume.  Feeling more confident, Eugene kills the troop leader for hurting him all those years ago.

The final hurdle is Sheriff Root, Eugene’s father, with the same disfigurement that earned Eugene the nickname of Arseface.  The Sheriff goads his son into killing himself, but Eugene resists.  Overcome with emotion, the Sheriff hugs his son and confesses, “I love you, son.  I should’ve always said that.”  The window to “Tracy’s” room opens for Hitler and Eugene and the two men crawl out of the Hole through a ventilation duct, passing the personal hells from those in their cell block.

The Return of the Saint

Flashing back, as Jesse submerged the Saint inside the armored car, the Terminator like killer reflects on the brief time when he tried to be a better man for his wife and daughter.  After a short stint in the swamp, the Saint is fished out by Hoover and brought to a warehouse.  Hoover keeps the Saint inside of the armored truck until he finally agrees to kill Jesse Custer for The Grail.

The Saint returns to Denis’ apartment and is corners Tulip, who admits she mailed his weapons to Rio.  She tries to fight, but is knocked unconscious with a swipe of his arm.  He may not have his guns or sword, but the Saint is no less terrifying.  Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip (after she comes to) team up to take down the Saint, but are unsuccessful.  Jesse commands him to stop, but the Word is suddenly useless.

The Saint binds Jesse’s hands and has the preacher on his knees ready to be scalped when the warden of Hell arrives.  The Warden compels the Saint into returning to Hell by threatening to put his wife and child in his empty cell.  God is not around to stop her from putting innocents in his place.  As she is taking the Saint away, the Warden tells Jesse The Grail was the one to call them.

Back in his cell, the Saint demands a word with Satan.  Apparently, the Prince of Darkness would like a few words with him as well.

“What do you need us for?”

Thinking they are heading to the hospital for treatment of their wounds and fresh blood, Cassidy and Tulip are instead taken to Herr Starr.  He reveals his plans for Jesse and the two realize their friend has been keeping a lot more secrets from them.

That afternoon, the trio go out for a meal and it feel like old times again.  Cassidy regales the couple with his sighting of a unicorn, Jesse and Tulip make fun.  The conversation turns to the Grail and their scheme for Jesse to take over as the messiah.  Jesse had been thinking about Humperdoo as the leader of humanity and feels he has no choice but to accept The Grail’s offer.  Cassidy and Tulips argue Jesse is just a normal guy who drinks, fights, and enjoys it.  That is not the behavior of the Messiah.  As Tulip asks why would he need them, it occurs to Jesse his friends are holding him back from something special.

Tulip and Cassidy return to the apartment as Jesse goes to Starr to find out what’s next.  Starr answers by kneeling and placing Jesse’s hand on his head.


Starr knew just how to play Jesse.  He got the preacher in his debt by “saving” from the Saint.  Then manipulated Tulip and Cassidy into challenge his virtue, which is the best way to make Jesse prove just how righteous he is.

Since it is hell, I’m thinking that was the real Sheriff Root in the Hole confronting Eugene.

To escape Hell, it makes sense a person must overcome their personal demons.  A good person who doesn’t belong would find the courage to do as much.

I really hope we meet Satan in the finale!

Genesis is on the fritz.  First it didn’t immediately work when Jesse used it on Starr’s assistant, then it stopped working all together with the Saint.  I’m wondering if this is tied to Jesse’s giving away a piece of his soul.  Does Genesis find him less worthy without his soul intact?

This episode might have been the best yet featuring the Saint.  His tale about the scalper was haunting.  The whole scene with Jesse on his knees was perfect.  Gavin McTavish was captivating.  I feel like the best moment of the series was ruined by the abrupt way it ended.  I love the Saint storyline, but if this is how it ends for the season, I’m seriously disappointed.

I know many people were bemoaning Tulip’s PTSD narrative, but I feel like if she didn’t go through all of her personal anguish, then her facing her fear and fighting the Saint would have been unearned.

Go back and rewatch when the Saint moves through the apartment before the fighting starts, but turn on the closed captioning.  Cassidy and Jesse’s conversation about Fight Club and foreskins in Denmark is hysterical.

Next week sets up a hell of a finale!  Will Jesse follow Herr Starr’s plan?  Do Eugene and Hitler make it out of Hell?  Will Tulip and Cassidy go to Bimini?

Till Next Week!

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