Catching up With Mia Araujo at Long Beach Comic Con 2017

PC: the Spaniard
Written by C. Diva

Last year at WonderCon 2017, I met an artist named Mia Araujo and her twin, Barbara, who helped inspire Mia’s newest artistic endeavor, an illustrated book about Wonderland, and sisters Alice and Ada. Against the backdrop of a unique, African theme, the art of Alice in Wonderland is gorgeous and ethereal, and I have fallen in love with the series and style. At the recent Long Beach Comic Con, the Collective crew stopped by Mia’s booth in Artist Alley on the exhibition floor to catch up, take a couple of pics and buy some new art.

Cosmic Mermaid by Mia Araujo

At the convention, Mia had a new Alice piece and a gorgeous Cosmic Mermaid (*above) to share and let us know she’s currently writing the text for the Alice book. According to Mia, it’s been a challenge to write an entirely new story that includes both Alice and her sister, Ada, while working on art at the same time, but Mia plans to finish the text and begin working on five new images she will reveal at Emerald City Comic Con, held in Seattle, Washington on March 1-4, 2018 and WonderCon in Anaheim, California on March 23-25.

If you like Mia’s work as much as we do, check out her Etsy, where you can buy prints, or visit to find out more about appearances near you.


*All art is shown with permission from the artist.