Cosplay and Culture at Long Beach Comic Con 2017

Another LBCC has come and gone, and the Collective team was there for all the fun. Keep an eye out for more posts about the art and panels we got to experience. For now, let’s jump into the cosplay scene!

As always, we documented as much cosplay as possible to share with you. In the gallery below, you’ll find costumes worn and created by amazing people like joannalynnbert, cosplayparents, and criccicricci! If you see yourself in this gallery, please let us know so that we can tag you!

This year, the convention was held on the opposite side of the convention center. It’s been spectactulary hot in SoCal, and what with all those enormous windows…well, you can imagine how miserable it was for those in costume. We all did our best to have a fabulous time regardless, and we have the photos to show it. But word to the wise: if you will be cosplaying in an elaborate, heavy, or hot costume, consider take your costume with you to change into once you’re already at the con. It might save you a lot of sweat and frustration!

To see the cosplays worn and constructed by the Collectress and yours truly, check out our Instagrams.

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer/Exhausted Photographer