Geektivities: 3 Things to See at Long Beach Comic Con 2017

written by C. Diva

The summer convention scene is coming to an end, but not before the Collective crew heads out to Long Beach Comic Con in Southern California for one last hurrah. Held at the Long Beach Convention Center September 2-3, this small convention is packed with panels on cosplay, pop culture, comics and more. There is even an entire room devoted to science and space! Here are some of the things I am going to make sure to see while I’m at the con this weekend.

Check out what we loved at LBCC last year here and our cosplay gallery from LBCC 2016 here.

GeekFest Film Festival

GeekFest Film Fest will be exhibiting the best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Superhero, Fan Films and original high concept indie genre film and web series from around the world at LBCC. Many of the creators will be on hand to chat about the films, and there will be a variety of genres shown on site. The panel I’m looking forward to the most in the GeekFest room will be on Saturday afternoon at 2pm–Women in Indie Horror–which is definitely my cup of tea.

The Space Expo

Ok, Space nerds, this is it. The Space Expo brings together the Space and Entertainment industries in order to strengthen them by fostering interest and creating future scientists and engineers. That means, there will be panels by JPL and NASA, as well as an entire section of the Exhibit Hall floor devoted to the Space Expo Pavilion. I’m looking forward to the panel that will explore the Science and Technology of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I’m not even kidding. Maybe I’ll learn how to create my own chocolate river…

PC: Warner Brothers


Cosplay Panels

There is an entire room devoted to cosplay panels, and smack dab in the middle of the day there is one focused on Plus Size Cosplay! I’ve been to many fan cons and it’s rare for there to be an entire panel on plus size anything, so this is a treat.

The gorgeous Miss Kaddie O”Keefe at SDCC 2013

According to the schedule, this panel will discuss how to pose, construct and rock cosplay while being plus size. I’ve got the last one down, but could uses some help with the first two, so this should be informative.

If you’re heading to Long Beach Comic Con, hit us up on Twitter and say hello!



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