Preacher Recap “Puzzle Piece”

Written by The Nerdling

As the trio’s problems continue to spiral, The Grail moves to take on Jesse Custer.

Spoilers on the Road to God…

**Trigger Warning: Mentions of fictional rape scene**

You know you are out of ideas when you are searching for God on YouTube…

Jesse Custer has officially hit bottom as he looks for clues in a video of a man who claimed to see God in his morning toast.  Having enough of Jesse’s self-righteous ranting about the necessity of the Lord, Cassidy passive-aggressively breaks up chunks of frozen blood for the newly made immortal Denis, and Tulip uses another frozen bag to help with the bruising from her time at the Hurt Locker.  The tension between the three friends is thick as Jesse attempts to talk a still traumatized Tulip into sleeping.  Finally, he gives up and commands her into a dreamless sleep.

“Kill them All”

Catching Jesse’s use of Genesis on video, Laura and her partner, Hoover take the evidence to Herr Starr.  The commander of the Samson Unit is not impressed with their evidence, only seeing a woman’s obedience.  All the same, he orders them to be killed as he heads out the door to his date.

An ear covered strike team enters Denis’ apartment in the middle of the night, but they are clearly unprepared for a vampire attack and Jesse’s badass fighting skills.  Jesse pulls off one of the men’s helmet and commands him to take out the others on his team.  Denis finishes off the last man before Jesse can question him.

Tulip wakes the next morning to a pile of dead bodies and several cops Jesse has commanded to be their security guards.  As the shock wears off, Tulip falls into a depression.  Jesse used Genesis on her once again.  Eventually, Jesse convinces Tulip what she needs to feel better is a fight.  And he knows there is one coming at the hands of the men in white suites.  Tulip goes down the hall to “Jennie’s” place to borrow her gun.

At Grail Headquarters, Starr looks to execute Laura and Hoover for their failure to take down Jesse.  Laura talks their way out of the death sentence by suggesting they send B.R.A.D., a missile drone, to finish the job.  Starr agrees to give the two one last chance to kill Jesse Custer and also order him some hookers for a “no means yes” fantasy he wants to engage in.

“Non, je ne regrette rien”

Jesse’s paranoia has everyone stressed in the apartment that night.  Denis doesn’t help the situation by blasting Edith Piaf at full volume, making it difficult for Jesse to communicate with the police he has stationed around the block.  A drunken, giant of a man harasses one of the cops, leading Jesse and Tulip to think there is an attack coming.  Tensions hit a breaking point when Tulip shoots a crime scene clean up guy thinking his spray bottle was a gun.

**Trying to get rid of an annoying popup ad, Starr stumbles onto surveillance of Jesse’s rant to Cassidy about needing God to maintain order.  But Starr is interrupted by a group of men before he can fully take in Jesse’s passionate words.  At Herr Starr’s request for a “no means yes” rape fantasty with prostitutes, Hoover accidentally ordered male hookers to rape Starr instead of females for him to violate.  As Starr is bent over his desk, he realizes Jesse could be an ally for the Grail and calls off B.R.A.D. just as the missile is launched.  Laura reroutes the missile to Harry Connick Jr.’s house.

After a week, Jesse finally sends the police home telling them to forget everything.  Later that day, Starr introduces himself to Jesse at a bar and proposes a partnership.


Is Preacher going to kill off a celebrity in some ridiculous fashion every season?  Because that would be a really great running joke.

The after opening credits sequence of the Grail team infiltrating the apartment was a genius way to keep any action scenes from feeling stale (frankly I feel the series might benefit from a few more bits of action).  Also, seeing the fight from the perspective of the “villains” has us viewing our “heroes” in a new way.  In that moment in time, they are the terrifying brutes.

Cassidy may have missed out on being a father to Denis growing up, but now he gets to make it up by showing his newly made son the ropes of the vampire life.

Angelville is teased once again, but this time it is through a new look of Jesse’s father’s death.  The tattoo on the arm of the man who pulled the trigger is the same mark on the Angelville poster Jesse spotted back in “Damsels.”

Since plotlines and characters have been given significant (but well done) changes from the comics, I wonder how the Starr-Laura-Hoover love triangle is going to play out in the series?

The Kitten Pop-up add was funny, but way too convenient of a plot device.  You would think a group as powerful as The Grail would have top of the line computer protection software.

Who says no to liking cats?  They are so cute and fluffy. (Yes, my hubby and I have multiple cats.  They are our fur-babies.  My Instagram feed is littered with photos of them.)

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