Preacher Recap “Holes”

By The Nerdling

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip are grappling with their internal struggles and becoming distant with one another, while Eugene discovers Hell can get much worse.

Spoilers on the road to God…

Personal Hells

Jesse dives back into his search for God and endeavors to ignore Tulip and Cassidy’s issues.  Following up on the DVD of the fake God audition, Jesse goes to a Best Buy knockoff to see if the Dork Dudes can pull a serial number off of the gun or a face from a reflective surface.  While waiting, the preacher reaches out to the missing God, craving answers, hoping his search is not in vain.  But the serial number on the gun has been removed and the reflection is of a coffee pot.  Frustrated and defeated, Jesse has the Dork Dudes dispose of the DVD and destroying the obvious clue of “Property of Grail Industries” stamped on the back before Jesse can see it.

Tulip, still frequenting The Hurt Locker, tries to literally cover up her near-death encounter by buying a new refrigerator and patching up the holes from The Saint’s bullets in all the apartments.  The patch work has Tulip meeting Laura Featherstone (the damsel-in-distress Jesse met in his first night in New Orleans), now calling herself Jennie and posing as another damsel on the run from an ex.  The two women bond over Boo Berry Cereal and make tentative plans to visit The Hurt Locker together.

Laura and her partner set up surveillance on Jesse Custer in the vacant apartments to gather information for the incoming Herr Starr.  Forming a possible friendship with the attention starved Tulip will certainly garner more of the “concealed intimacy” Starr wants.

Cassidy struggles with his son, Denis’ request to make him immortal.  Flashing back to the Cassidy first meeting a newborn Denis, it is clear the vampire is fairly excited about the prospect of a son.  But something happened along the way which caused Cassidy to go back on his promise to be a good dad.  Cassidy asks Jesse if Genesis could be used to help his dying son, but the preacher refuses, uttering he “doesn’t think that’s what it’s for.”  The vampire continues to rationalize his decision to not turn Denis by justifying to Tulip the loneliness of watching everyone you love die.  Also, drugs don’t have the same effect when your immortal and that really depresses Cassidy.  After a phone call to a man named Seamus telling him to let Denis die, Cassidy sits on Denis’ bed singing the same song (“Charlotte the Harlot”) he sang to him when he was a baby and leaning in with a dark look on his face.

Actual Hell

The residence of Eugene’s cell block are still in the holding area, waiting for their torment machines to be fixed.  The warden explains someone in the group doesn’t belong, causing the glitch.  All but Hitler and Eugene raise their hands to explain they don’t belong in Hell despite their terrible crimes.  Eugene firmly believes his actions have earned his place in Hell, but Hitler knows better.  Hitler also knows the warden will not let Eugene out when they discover it is him.  Needing Eugene on his side, Hitler tricks him performing a kind act so he will be taken to the hole.

Inside the hole, Eugene starts reliving his worst memory once again.  Accept this time the stolen kiss doesn’t result in Tracy killing herself in shame, but telling Eugene she feels the same way about him.  The two sign Semi Sonic’s “Closing Time” to one another and start to kiss again, but are interrupted by Jesse Custer.  Tracy may share Eugene’s affections, but she promised herself to Jesse first.  Eugene watches in horror as his love give the man who banished him to Hell a hand-job.  He puts the shotgun to his chin as Jesse urges him to shoot himself while orgasming.

Back in the holding cell, Eugene is unable to sleep, still seeing the disturbing images of the love of his life and his spiritual mentor hooking up.  Hitler confesses he sent Eugene to the hole so he would see how much worse it can get.  The dictator needs Eugene’s help to escape Hell and fear of going back in the hole is motivation enough to get the young man on his side.


Jesse disregarding of Tulip and Cassidy’s pain is callous, but I feel like it comes from a place of anger at himself.  He gave up an essential part of himself to save them and I think he is subconsciously blaming them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this blows up into a big argument later.

Nice touch from the writers of the episode to have a Grail Industries commercial playing in the background while Jesse was praying.  Along with the stamp on the back of the DVD makes me wonder if there is a higher power trying to clue the preacher in, but he is so wrapped up in his own issues he doesn’t notice the clues staring him right in the face.

Cassidy’s first name is Proinsias?!?  And I’m not entirely sure, but I think Seamus is his brother.  Whomever he is, it doesn’t sound like they have the best of relationships.  When Cassidy called to tell Seamus he has a son, Seamus figured he had several running around and Denis is the latest one.

When Cassidy was confessing his feelings of loneliness to Tulip, I feel like he was being honest.  But I also think he was attempting to garner sympathy and warm feelings from her.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because she is very much in her own head at the moment.

Show of hands, who was shocked to learn Tyler was in Hell for raping multiple women?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

It is amusing to see Hell’s lesser torments include a vending machine that doesn’t work, duct tape for toilet paper, and a basketball hoop with a deflated ball.

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