Gishwhes 2017: Day #6

Written by the Collected Mutineer

Hello, friends. Another day, another Gish! As you know, either from personal experience or from reading posts like this, Gishwhes can be utterly exhausting. It can make you want to tear your hair from your scalp and curse the inexhaustible creative mind of the Overlord. If you don’t take some time out to do fun items or to relax, you not only risk ruining Gishwhes for yourself, but you lose sight of what we’ve set out to do.

Today, for example, I found myself utterly and 1000% absorbed by the Escape Room. I spent hours trying to find the very last scrabble letter to finish the item—so much so that I became frustrated and didn’t complete other, more fun and rewarding items. Even though we all know what we signed up for, it’s shockingly easy to get distracted and obsessed with the more difficult items. Which is why I’ve spent the last few minutes looking at what my team submitted today. We had everything from silly items like tiny food on a “grill” to more touching activities like visiting a pet shelter with the mission to get a dog or cat adopted using social media.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow, I’ll be donating to “Change a Life: Dancescape”, putting together a basket of goodies for a coworker who has cancer, and helping organize an epic Vampzompocalypse. Oh, and I might get to dress as Wonder Woman.

I know I just said this in my previous post, but it rings more true to me this year than any other—we’re here to make people’s lives better by any means necessary. It could be something as small as putting a smile on someone’s face…or it could be something as massive as making dreams come true for impoverished children. No matter what, that is our mission. And in the words of my team captain: If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

Happy Gishing ❤ ❤ ❤ ,

The Collected Mutineer

P.S. Misha, if you’re reading this…I don’t actually curse your name despite my constant utterings of “dammit, Misha.” Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity for the past 7 years. You’ve changed so many lives, more than you can ever know. Thank you for sharing your weirdness with us. Thank you for letting us be weird with you. Thank you for existing.