Preacher Recap: “Dallas”

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By The Nerdling

Questions about Tulip and Jesse’s past are answered as Jesse deals with the shock of Tulip’s marriage confession.

Spoilers on the Road to God…

Husband Meet Boyfriend

Getting over the initial surprise of Tulip’s marriage to Viktor, Jesse goes right back to rage mode as Viktor taunts the preacher. Jesse drags Viktor down to the torture suite and strings the gangster up. Tulip follows, begging for Jesse to stop, until he finally orders her away. It is only after Tulip has left, Jesse stops to contemplate his next move. Viktor breaks into Jesse’s thoughts when he realizes Jesse was the person who made Tulip into the broken person she was when the gangster first met her. The realization the love of his life married someone else sends Jesse into a trip down memory lane. To the life the two of them shared after things in Dallas went so horribly wrong.

Living in a cheap apartment, Tulip went to work as an assistant in a realtor office while Jesse bartended a couple nights a week. Every morning Tulip would go to work and Jesse would crack open a fresh beer. Every night, the two of them would take a pregnancy test then have sex when the test came out negative. But the O’Hare blood started to call out to Tulip and she quietly started to go back to their old way of life. Jesse on the other hand started to go back to church after seeing a church sign each night that basically says “turn to God when times are bad” (there is an actual bible verse on the sign, but that is the gist of it). When Jesse discovers Tulip’s backslide, the two of them say some fairly cruel things to one another and Tulip leaves.

Back to the present. Tulip grabs Viktor’s daughter, Allie, on her way out of the mansion and takes her back to Dennis’ place. To earn back forgiveness from an incensed Tulip, Cassidy goes to the mansion to talk Jesse out of killing Viktor. He finds Jesse in Viktor’s bedroom thinking about the past. Knowing Tulip would never forgive Jesse if he killed Viktor, Cassidy takes the opportunity to egg on Jesse, in his own sly way, to take out Viktor.

Seemingly taking Cassidy’s advice, Jesse returns to the torture suite and sharpens an axe. Viktor is not going down without some parting shots. He gets one final jab in when he enlightens Jesse Tulip married Viktor because he was nice to her in ways Jesse never was. This seems to be the final straw as Jesse cuts Viktor down and returns to a relieved Tulip and annoyed Cassidy.

Instant Divorce

Allie is returned home, but can’t sleep after the stressful ordeal. She goes to visit with her father, but a crashing noise has Viktor hiding her in a closet. The Saint of Killers comes blazing into Viktor’s room and guns down the gangster after he wouldn’t give up the preacher. Hearing crying, the Saint looks in the closest to find the young girl willing to take him to Jesse.


This is not my favorite episode so far in season two. Sorry for the recap being so short, but there wasn’t much going on in the episode.

The flashbacks to Tulip and Jesse after she lost the baby in a job gone wrong didn’t really merit a full episode. The repetitive and sad life of the couple attempting to go the straight and narrow while looking to conceive another baby stopped the momentum the second season had been building so far. No mention of the search for God or the death-cult full of nutters looking to trap Jesse.

The only real revelation the flashbacks gave us was to explain how Jesse decided he is a Custer after all, and is going to follow in his father’s footsteps to fill the void in his life.

It is easy to forget Cassidy is a devious one because he has been fairly loyal to Jesse and Tulip for quite some time. “Dallas” really showcased how this degenerate vampire is a master manipulator when he wants something. And he wants Tulip.

After watching Jesse be so callous towards Tulip about who she is and her family history, I kind of want Cassidy and Tulip to be together right now. Here is hoping Jesse redeems himself soon.

I know the events of the next episode will be dominated by the arrival of the Saint (so excited about that!), but I really do hope Tulip addresses Jesse, once again, used Genesis to make her do something she didn’t want to do. She made such a point about it being like “mind rape” that I don’t hope the show doesn’t let Jesse off the hook.

While some backstory was nice, I really hope Preacher gets back to its main story in the next episode. God ain’t gonna to find himself!

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