Lit Nerd: Enjoy the Cheeky Humor of the Great White North in “150 Years of Stats Canada”, eh?

No one told me that, as a fan of hockey, I would also swiftly learn to care about the Toronto Blue Jays, Tim Hortons and Canadian folk legend, Stan Rogers, but, somehow, I do, very much so. This year, Canada celebrated their 150th birthday, and my burgeoning love of all things Canadian led me to request a reviewer’s copy of this book from one of my favorite Twitter follows, @stats_canada.

Being the polite Canadians that they are, the funny folks behind @stats_canada, sent me a copy post haste, and the book travelled with me to the 2017 NHL Awards, the culmination of Canadian hard work, determination and hockey butts. I started to flip through the book and tried to read it out of order, but, unlike many other humorous fact-filled books, readers unfamiliar with all things Canadian should probably begin at the beginning, because the facts only get more obscure as the book goes on. That being said, I laughed out loud at the dragging of Don Cherry, the tongue-in-cheek teasing of the various Canadian provinces, and the name dropping of famous Canadians–did you know Ellen Page is from Nova Scotia??

If you’re a fan of poutine, plaid or Property Brothers, this book is definitely for you. At the very least, go check out @stats_canada on Twitter, eh?

You can find 150 Years of Stats Canada on Amazon here.

xoxo C. Diva

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