3 Things We Want to Happen in Game of Thrones Season 7

Alright, Thronians (is that what GoT fans are called? No? Gamers? Hmmm), season 7 is almost here and if you haven’t already, please go and watch the trailers.

Caught up? Good. Now lets talk about Thrones and what I want to happen this season. These aren’t theories on what I think will happen (well, not really) but what I want to happen. And, um, if it weren’t obvious: Spoilers are coming. 

Arya’s Wolf

We know that Arya is finally back in the Seven Kingdoms after becoming some kind of mix between Black Widow and John Travolta in Face Off. Most of the names on her list are already dead, but there’s one big one that’s left, and that person just blew up all her enemies in the Sept so she could control Westeros herself.

But before Arya heads to the Red Keep to make Cersei acquainted with Needle, I’m really hoping that she goes to look for Nymeria: the only other Stark Direwolf that might still be alive aside from Jon’s Ghost. Arya’s been through a lot–her father’s execution, being Tywin’s slave, torture, assassin training, almost dying every other episode–can we please reunite her with her beloved pet?

Tyrion and Bronn’s Bromance

So one of my favorite things about seasons 2, 3, and 4 was Tyrion & Bronn’s friendship. They had such easy banter, and Bronn was one of the few people in Westeros who didn’t scorn Tyrion just for being born different. In fact, Tyrion became a more pleasant character the longer he hung around Bronn and yeah, I know that Bronn kinda sold out to Cersei Lannister, but that doesn’t mean he and Tyrion aren’t friends anymore…right? Right?

I mean, the show is so dark and depressing at times so we kind of need something like Tyrion and Bronn drinking and talking about stupid sh*t to lighten things up. Right? Right?

Dear Game of Thrones, please let Bronn and Tyrion reunite and drink a pint together.

Fire…and Ice…and maybe some more Fire?

Alright there’s one big reason I watch the show, and I think you may all know what it is:


Arya isn’t the only one who’s returned to Westeros. Daeny has finally landed at (probably) Dragonstone with her dragon-children in tow. Now, we all know she’s going to burn King’s Landing to the ground (metaphorically…probably) but winter is here. And that means the Night’s King is going to go full Invasion of the Body Snatchers and turn the good citizens of Westeros into his minions.

So what can kill a White Walker? Well, fire, Valyrian steel…and dragonglass. All three of those have a connection to dragons? Coincidence? I think not. But, I digress.

What do I really want to happen in season 7? I want Ghost to meet Drogon and I want the two to have a minute-long staring contest after which one begrudgingly lets the other live.

The book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Direwolf = the North = Ice. Dragon = Fire. Let’s make this happen, people. Let’s give meaning to the name. (And, if in the process, Jon and Daenerys were to meet, I wouldn’t be upset about it. Just the opposite.)


What would you like to see happen in season 7? Tweet your ideas at us.