Fanfic Wednesday: “Surrender”


Surrender” by Kylie (AO3)

Pairings: Diana (Wonder Woman)/Steve Trevor 
Word Count: 724

Author’s Summary

“You won’t be able to lie to me,” she says seriously, “I’ll know all that you want,” she pauses, “and I’ll grant it.”

“I won’t try to hold back,” he promises, his heart hammering so loud in his chest he can barely hear himself.

“Then it won’t hurt,” Diana says, looking straight into his eyes, and warm silk coils around his wrists.

My Thoughts

If you read my review a few days ago, you know that I absolutely loved Wonder Woman (2017). And like any good fangirl, I immediately went to the interwebs to see what fanfiction had arisen from the beauty that is Gal and Chris onscreen together. Could I just read a comic book? Sure, I’ve got two WW comics on my desk right now. But I wanted more—and of course, AO3 delivered.

I’ve fallen down a few rabbit holes (did you know that Star Trek/Wonder Woman crossovers are now a thing? They’re a fantastic thing). One of the most prominent holes so far as been a little “lasso of truth bondage.” Yes, my friends…Steve likes the lasso. This fic is super short and sweet, but it opens the door to the wonderful world of Steve admitting he wants to be anything and everything to Diana. And, ultimately, to be in her power.

I’ll be here, waiting for someone to write something new, because I’ve already read all the fics for this pairing. Enjoy!

-The Collected Mutineer