The 100 Recap: “Praimfaya”

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Season four of The 100 wrapped up last week. As with any season finale of this post-apocalyptic show, our favorite characters have been left in less than ideal situations. Season four body count: ???

Spoilers ahead!

Polis/The Bunker

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The thirteen clans have chosen their survivors and are ready to close the doors to the outside world, sealing themselves away for the next five years. New Heda Octavia has just a few minutes to say goodbye to Bellamy over the radio before the signal goes dead. As Praimfaya approaches, Polis is demolished and the entrance to the bunker is buried under the rubble.

Becca’s Island

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Realizing that there’s no time for them to get back to the bunker or find another radiation-free shelter, Clarke, Bellamy, and Raven (accompanied by Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, and Echo) decide to use the rocket in Becca’s lab to go into space and live on what’s left of the Ark. The catch? They have only 90 minutes to prep the rocket and pack their supplies before Praimfaya arrives—a task that would normally take three times as long. They miraculously manage to get everything finished in time, with the exception of one super important thing. The communications on the rocket are damaged, which means that Raven doesn’t have access to a signal that can turn on the electricity on the Ark. Without power, the doors won’t open when the ship arrives, and our survivors will suffocate.

The only solution is to send someone to turn on a different signal from a tower on the island. Clarke sets out with just minutes to spare, but is forced to climb to the top of the tower to perform a manual override. She radios the group to leave without her, but they don’t get the message. Bellamy makes them wait as long as they can before taking off, knowing that if they don’t leave they will die. Clarke manages to get the signal working, and runs back to Becca’s lab, seeking as much shelter as she can from the impending doom. She has no idea if the Nightblood will work, especially since she begins to experience radiation sickness.

The rest of the group reach the Ark and are able to get inside thanks to Clarke’s manual override. They get the oxygen working just seconds before they run out of air, and immediately get to work making the Ring safe and liveable. From a large window, Bellamy watches as the earth is overcome with radiation, wondering if Clarke’s Nightblood will save her.

Six Years Later

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That’s right, we get a huge time jump. Six years and a handful of days in the future, Clarke is alive and well, having recovered from her sickness just like Luna several episodes before. Sometime during the last few years, she found another Nightblood named Madi, and took her under her wing. Clarke made a home for them in the Rover, and uses her radio to message Bellamy and the others every day. Although she never gets any replies, she says that sending the messages to the Ring help her to feel sane.

As she is sending her daily message to Bellamy, she sees a ship fall from the sky. She runs to tell Madi, who quickly points out that this ship is large, and capable of landing without crashing. Clarke realizes that these are not her friends, but a ship belonging to the Eligius Corporation. A sign on the side of the ship ominously reads “Gagarin Prisoner Transport,” and Clarke commands Madi to load their guns.

Wait, what?

See these gifs? Yeah, this was me after this episode aired. I had a sneaking suspicion that Clarke would be separated from the group, but I had hoped it wouldn’t come to pass. Obviously, it did, and it’s left me nothing but questions.

Could Bellamy hear her up in space every day for the last 6 years? Why didn’t the group come down at the five-year mark? What’s happened to everyone in the bunker? Do they have enough supplies to last past five years? Who exactly is Madi, and are there other nightbloods that we don’t know about? And of course, who the hell is the Eligius Corporation?

May we meet again,

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