American Gods Recap: “Git Gone”

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The series takes a big step back from the world of gods and dives deep into the complicated Laura Moon.

Beware the Goddess of Spoilers…

A Pretty, White Girl is Sad

That is my initial thought meeting Laura. The episode starts with Laura before she meets Shadow, working at a casino and going home to a cat she named Dummy. Laura only exists as a passive traveler through life. It is easy to see Laura feels nothing, even before she makes her half-hearted suicide attempt. No love. No hate. Just apathy towards existence. Floating through life with no direction or thoughts of changing her circumstances.

Until a charming thief named Shadow Moon sits at her table one night. The good-looking man has some decent sleight of hand skills, but Laura is smart enough to see his play. Instead of turning him in, she warns him his endeavor will land him in prison and advises him to walk away. Shadow waits for her outside the casino and half-jokingly propositions Laura to be his inside man at the casino. She refuses, but does take him home for the night.

Desperation to Feel

The next morning, Laura is surprised (and maybe a little happy) to see Shadow stuck around. Days turn into months, turn into years, and the two get married along the way. Shadow thinks he is living the life. He left his thieving ways behind for a job at a gym run by Robbie. It is clear Shadow adores his wife, but Laura’s once good feelings have turned back to indifference. The only solution she can think of is to rob the casino where she has been working the last eight years.

Laura has a plan and assures her husband they will not get caught, but bad luck strikes and Shadow is in prison. She offers to go to the DA and confess she was a part of the failed plan so the two of them will only receive an eighteen-month sentence. Shadow tells her no and is willing to take on a three-year stretch as long as Laura is waiting for him on the outside. She promises to wait, but loneliness and the death of Dummy push her into an affair with Robbie.

Less than a week before Shadow’s release, Robbie confesses to Laura he is willing to leave Audrey for her. Laura gently lets Robbie down, reminding him their time together was always a temporary thing. She looks to end their relationship on a happy note by giving him one last blowjob while they are going for a drive. And we all know how that story ended.

The Return

In life, Laura was willing to go along to get by. In death, Laura is starting to take control. Anubis finds her and escorts her to the desert of the afterlife to weigh her heart. Laura scoffs at the ceremony, declaring she lived her life, “definitely not light as a feather.” Anubis decides to return her to nothing since she believed in nothing while alive. Pissed off and afraid, Laura tells Anubis to “F-k off” just as she is pulled from the afterlife, much to the shock of the god.

A disoriented Laura crawls from her grave, vomits formaldehyde, and sees a light ahead in the murkiness of the world. The light is Shadow who is being strung up a tree by Technical Boy’s goons. She runs to free her Puppy and the goons move to stop her. With a strength and speed that is terrifying, Laura decimates the goons, losing her arm in the process, and cuts Shadow down. Unable to face her husband just yet, Laura runs back to the house they shared to clean up.

Later, Laura deals with her unattached arm by breaking into Audrey’s house and using her sewing supplies only to be caught by her former best-friend. Audrey rightfully freaks out and hides in the bathroom. Laura follows her in. The rest of the formaldehyde needs to leave her system, so Laura uses the toilet while talking the hysterical Audrey down in a moment that is hilarious and surreal. Still confused and in shock, Aubrey sews Laura’s arm back on, then drives her to where Laura knows Shadow will be.

On the road to Shadow, they are stopped by Anubis and Ibis. The two gods take Laura to the funeral parlor they run to stitch her back up and paint her to make her look alive again. Anubis assures Laura that he will not interfere with whatever forces brought her back, but when her task is done, he will return her to nothing.


The episode ends with the same confrontation between Laura and Shadow “Head full of Snow” left us with, so the reckoning between the couple will have to wait till next week.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Laura at this point in the show. If you hate her, that is okay. I don’t think she is supposed to be an entirely sympathetic character. She wasted her life and affections of a good man. Hard to like someone like that.

Alicia Lutes from Nerdist wrote an interesting piece on Laura as a representative and warning of America’s apathy. This last election was proof of how dangerous indifference can be. The younger generation feeling nothing will change with their vote allowed Trump to con his way into the White House. Many of those who felt nothing towards changing how our country is run are starting wake up. Like Laura, they are angry and afraid of the circumstance they find themselves in and are fighting.

But there are many who still feel any effort is futile. Happy to sleepwalk through their lives. Go with whatever keeps the bills paid until the circumstance is beyond changing.

I would like point out whomever cast the ultimate bro-comedian, Dane Cook, as the workout obsessed Robbie is a genius.

Till Next Week!

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